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Chapter 77 Twin Angels


After leaving the Rain Kingdom, we rode the RV for the first time in a while and headed east.

“Where are we going now?”

“To the demon tribes island.”

They did tell me they wanted me to visit once.

“We would need to cross the sea, though.”

“Yayy! The sea! It would be my first time!”

Firia, who was just born as a magic doll, had knowledge about the sea but it was going to be her

first time seeing it.

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“Ah, I have never been to the sea either.”

“Me too. It is like a huge river, right?”

Looks like Tira and Eren did not see it either.

They were both born in the inland districts, so I guess it is not that unusual.

“The sea. That is something else entirely. You can’t compare it to a river.”

Shiro said, expressionless like always.

“Then, I shall show you how to have fun at the sea…. Fufufu….”

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“…..That way of laughing feels kinda unpleasant….”


Chapter 77

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