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Akuyaku Tensei

Chapter 207 – Kaldia’s Budding Spring Part 3


Gunther’s marriage does bother me but Claudia is more important now.

I did sign the applications and approve them but put them into the drawer without putting them out as finished, approved application.—-I did tell Gunther that I would affix the seal quickly but there was something I needed to confirm.


I decided to have a proper simple meal for lunch–well, although it was not that simple but that’s the image I get when I compare it with breakfast and dinner.

I do want to avoid carelessly upsetting Claudia. Worst case scenario, she might even stop talking to me. Although that probably won’t happen.

Even though I want to confirm her will, her family is saying *that* after all. If possible, I want her to easily accept the marriage… But even if she did accept, the problem of finding the partner would still remain. Well, it’s not like I don’t have any means of finding such a person, though.


Claudia, who did not yet know of her family pestering me for the marriage, happily came to the sudden lunch meet.

I took a seat facing her, apologized for the sudden meet and we started eating.


“It feels like it has been so long since we have had lunch like this in the mansion.”


“It has been quite a while, after all. Thank you very much for protecting my territory as a knight this year. I wanted to express my gratitude to you for fighting in the battlefield and for capturing those kids.”


On Claudia’s hand, the scar she received from the underground passage still remained. It doesn’t seem to cause any hindrance in using the spear but it is painful to look at.

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It isn’t a scar an unmarried woman should bear. Now if I were a man, to take responsibility for the scar, I probably would have to take her as my bride… Well, putting that aside, all the problematic things might have been settled at once.


“A knight’s scar is something like a decoration. You don’t need to worry.”


She said indifferently, tore a bread with her scarred hand and ate it.

She didn’t even try hiding it with a glove like me so that is probably what she really believes.


“It really helps me when you say that… However, when I think that it might ’cause problems in your marriage—“


As I said that, trying to probe into the matter, Claudia declared that,


“Ahh, that probably won’t be a problem either. I don’t have any intention in marrying into a house which does not honor me being a knight, after all.”


She is too gallant. From the looks of it, does she not think of marriage at all?

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In my mind, the letter Claudia’s father had sent kept making a round trip with amazing momentum. A father’s love for his daughter can be very overwhelming.


“Even still, bringing up the topic of my marriage… Taking this chance when the war is over, are you planning on finally getting me married? Or did my father send an impolite letter regarding the matter?”..Continue on page 2