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Akuyaku Tensei

Chapter 207 – Kaldia’s Budding Spring Part 3


Gunther’s marriage does bother me but Claudia is more important now.

I did sign the applications and approve them but put them into the drawer without putting them out as finished, approved application.—-I did tell Gunther that I would affix the seal quickly but there was something I needed to confirm.


I decided to have a proper simple meal for lunch–well, although it was not that simple but that’s the image I get when I compare it with breakfast and dinner.

I do want to avoid carelessly upsetting Claudia. Worst case scenario, she might even stop talking to me. Although that probably won’t happen.

Even though I want to confirm her will, her family is saying *that* after all. If possible, I want her to easily accept the marriage… But even if she did accept, the problem of finding the partner would still remain. Well, it’s not like I don’t have any means of finding such a person, though.


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