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Akuyaku Tensei

Chapter 210 Kaldia’s Budding Spring 6


After entrusting the letter to a soldier, I returned to the office and pulled out Gunther’s marriage certificate from the drawer.

The number of people who can write are limited so the person who wrote this is probably not someone related to them but the village mayor or an expert. Gunther’s parents’ house is already gone and he doesn’t belong to any village now so naturally this certificate was probably delivered from his wife’s village.

After confirming the name of the Neza village’s mayor at the end of the document, I decided to immediately verify the matter. Can’t possibly keep this marriage certificate on hold for so long, after all.


And as I was going, I thought I might as well take Mefuri along with me as she seemed free.  I went to the room she was supposed to be in.


“Mefuri. I came to deliver the laundry….. Ah, Eliza-sama.”


I encountered Vanita along the way, who was calling out to Mefuri with his awkward Arkshia language while knocking on the door.

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