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Kaldia‘s Budding Spring – Part Seven


The face of the woman called Nadje was somewhat familiar to me.

Upon attempting to drill further, she had initially responded with a blank expression, and had then adopted one more aligned with confusion. She had nevertheless offered me a bashful smile and ushered me into her home.

It was an odd feeling. Apart from the small children and region soldiers, there weren’t many people who were willing to come into contact with me and not even wince.

“Just what happens to be the issue? Do you have some sort of business with me?”

“Yes, Nadje. About that…”

The Village Chief was decent enough to be the one to explain things to her. With him treading on glass, it only served to make me feel all the more awkward. Thanks to his input, however, it was much easier to evoke a change in Nadje’s reactions as lent an ear.

When asked of her relationship with Gunther she grew a bit embarrassed, but was still frank in her admission that she pined after him while ……………Continue Reading..

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