A couple of things I will be working on starting from next month

  • A fixed schedule. Chapters will be released solely on Mondays and Tuesdays. This is make things more streamlined and negate the issue with subscriptions
  • Chapter release rate will be reduced as I stock on chapters for emergencies so the delays this month for novels like Magi Craft Meister and Botsuraku are not repeated
  • More focus on patreon rewards to increase the revenue gotten from the platform. I am working on novel specific tiers. Similar to what is done by a client of mine : Convallaria’s Library  . For example, two separate $3 tiers: one for Duke’s Daughter and the second for Magi Craft Meister
  • I am considering reducing the active novels to 5
  1. Botsuraku
  2. Magi Craft Meister
  3. Revolution of 8th Class Mage
  4. Common Sense of a Duke’s Daughter
  5. Maou Ni

Suggestions are welcome as I try to move this site in the right direction

On discord, I no longer use it and don’t intend to log in. If you need to contact me, do it via email or Novel Updates. I am considering shutting down the discord server. The reason is simple: social network is important but it is time consuming and I do not like using volunteers. Since I cannot afford to hire dedicated staff, I will be measured in the activities I engage it.

PS I am recruiting writers to  write review,rant and other opinion articles on novels, anime, TV etc. I will be launching a separate website for that


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