Announcement: Patron Rewards

I cannot give 120 chapters in advance like the monsters at Mistycloudtranslations but I am working towards advanced chapters for patrons. As a result I will create new tiers.

There will be a $3 and a $5 tier added. Further tiers maybe added in the future.

Starting off readers will get access to Duke’s Daughter 105 and 8th Class Mage Chapter 66 in advance: about a week before everyone else. Chapters will be posted on here but will be password protected and patrons will get access to the password. on their patron has identical tiers for different novels so I am considering that. I will like to know if readers prefer two $3 tiers one each for Magi Craft Meister and Duke’s Daughter or simply one tier that gives an advance on either novel depending on availability. I might make a patron poll for it.

Also patrons will be able to pick teaser projects, more info on my patron page.


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