I need the help of readers to make this possible.  If the following goals are reached, we will be a step closer to that.
  • The wiki becomes more active
It is simple to fill up the wiki as information on characters, locations, kingdoms etc have already been compiled by the author here. With a working wiki, translators will simply need to search a character’s name to maintain consistency eg Dorsen instead of Dawson. A simple search on a wiki can prevent such a mistake.
  • Multiple translators working on the novel.
This will only be doable if the above goal is reached. If one translator can translate 8 chapters per month then 2 can translate 16 and 3 can translate 24 which brings us much closer to 30 chapters
  • For the third goal, I am not sure. I probably forgot or there never was one. Maybe I will recall later. I hope readers continuing supporting me.
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