Well now that’s a long  title. This is being translated by a site in my network and just had a mass release. Do check it out. Description below


It seems that stepmothers bullying stepchildren is the standard.

But my stepmother is super gentle, super beautiful, and super smart. (°▽°)

It was because my stepmother is super beautiful that the sex-crazed scum King fell in love with her at first sight and forcibly got her pregnant.

That ended when the Queen got angry, and stepmother was given to my father (the sickly feudal lord of a bordering territory).

But even though my father is sickly, he’s super excellent and super kind.

It’s the border but it’s people are warm and kind.

I’m super happy that I got a beautiful and kind stepmother and a sibling that I always wanted!

Welcome welcome!

Just forget about that scum king and let’s all be happy!

That’s the kind of story it’s supposed to be (wishful thinking)

It can’t be helped if we get extremely lost along the way ( ´_ゝ`)

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