I am going to continue this novel with 2 chapters per month. It is a light hearted novel with short chapters that is relaxing to translate
PS: I got someone who is interested in translating A Tale of Two Phoenixes, so fingers crossed on that 

“This King says one, you can’t reply two.” In that case she would reply three. Nothing troublesome.

“This King wants you go to east, you can’t go to west.“

“Yes.“ She docilely nodded. If she couldn’t go to east and west, going to south and north were also pretty good options. It was not a big deal.

“This King forbids you to go looking for other men.“

“Yes!“ She even more certainly nodded. She does not look for men, it´s generally them who deliver themselves before her doorstep.

Associated Names
Bạo Tiếu Sủng Phi: Gia Ta Chờ Ngươi Bỏ Vợ
Shuang Shi Chong Fei
The Eternal Love (2017) (Live action drama title) 

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