Noh Gajang has led the life of a warrior ever since he remembers, isolated from the world and illiterate to top it all, until he meets a beautiful woman who steals his heart. He marries her and they live a life of bliss, and she gets pregnant with his children. Against all odds, she unexpectedly dies during childbirth, leaving Noh alone with their newborn triplets. Desperate, saddened, but not broken, Noh swears to the heavens that he’ll become an exemplary man to raise the invaluable treasures his wife left him.

Watch the mighty warrior Noh become a peerless dad, and slowly realize in the way just how powerful he is for the sake of his children.

Peerless Dad NovelUpdates


It has a manhwa and someone recommended it. I read the manhwa and I believe it is worth translating. Since King of the Battlefield is done and Return of the 8th Class Mage and One Man Army both close to being completed, I need a new novel to replace those three.

This looks like a good candidate.


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