It is unfortunate to announce that both of my novels will not be continued on AsianHobbyist, due to lack of performance, meaning that they didn’t bring in enough money for my admin.

I’ve talked about this before on NovelUpdates Forum, that if TOTY and BAD didn’t get any more readers, it will be dropped. Well, the day has come.

I don’t blame you readers, since web novels are supposed to be small entertainment that people read while they’re bored. Hell, the name “轻小说” (light novel) should express that quite clear enough. I hope that any new group that picks up this novel will at least keep up the same quality that I had.

It seems wrong to end the two novels on the current chapters they are on, so I will upload two more for TOTY and one more for BAD so a good cliffhanger will remain, and drive readers to request pickup.

Now, thankfully, this isn’t the end of my translations. I’ve grown to enjoy this part-time job, and I’m not going to stop anytime soon. But I’ve learned to not force myself to start and continue new projects that don’t have or will gain enough attention that they deserve.

That is why from now on, I will dedicate myself to ONE novel, one that is popular and has a decent reader base already. Spoiler: it may be “The Captivating Crown Prince”, but is undecided at the moment.


A final thank you to the few readers that kept these two novels going. It was a good run.


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