My grandma past away about 24 hours ago. I consider this novel release as a toast to her. Cheers grandma, you are the best. Rest in Perfect Peace.

The Novel “Emperor Has Returned” has Returned

But for how long depends on readers.

Along with Sword Dynasty and Carnivorous Hunter, this novel is one of the few that I read on here.

I wanted to release this months ago but Covid and losing my ads temporarily created a cash flow problem.

But on to more positive news, I joined a new and bigger ad company in Freestar so getting screwed over by Monetizemore was a blessing in disguise.

I am only releasing 2 chapters for now and will gauge the readers’ response to see if it’s worth continuing.
Even if the readers’ response is crap, support from donations will guarantee that the translations continue.
I recruited two new Korean translators, so current novels won’t be affected.


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