I like to be the shield for my translators but I won’t stand for it when they are being smeared by unfounded claims.

An opinion does not equate to fact.

Response from the Translator of Waiting For You Online:

I’ve recently read a comment calling me, the current translator of Waiting for you online, as being sleazy. Like all the readers of this novel, I’m as into this lovely novel as they are, and I’ve been trying my best to translate it, not for the profit, but for the sake of making the readers happy.
I cannot thank the host of Asian Hobbyist enough to let me work on this novel because this has been an amazing journey, and it has given me so much happiness.
I would like to continue bringing you joy by translating this novel. And I’ll be even more dedicated than before in making the translation as close to the raws as possible. Thank you very much for being my motivation, and I vow to continue giving my best.

I would appreciate if readers report the slandering review on Novel Updates.

Here is the link: Review

I think it is too much of a stretch to call it a review as it is simply slander

Thanks in advance.



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