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Third of the three teaser novels

Chapter 182.  The Final Break (2)





I found myself in the basement of the Korean Arena Research Center when I returned to reality.

There were people who took the same exam with us milling about.  Everyone appeared to be in shock from something.


Coming out of the room, Jihae Cha approached me.

“Are you hungry?”

“I am.”

Honesty is good.

“Should we go to someplace nice to eat?”

“Let’s eat at home.  I went grocery before the exam.”

“That sounds good too.  But, don’t the other test takers also look surprised by the announcement?”

“It’s as expected since the notification will go out to every test taker.”

Then Jisoo Yoo and Jinhyuk Cha located us while talking to other test takers.

Jisoo Yoo yelled as she waved her hand in his direction.  She seemed to be in good spirit, perhaps by clearing all the tests that were in the way.

“Hyunho Kim!”

“Woman, you are too loud.”


Even other test takers who were milling about looked into my direction.

“Hyunho Kim?”

“The 7th rank?”

“He was that person?”

“Was he part of our research center?”

At any rate, it was the first time for him to see so many other test takers who were part of the Korea Arena Research Center.

Anyway, running over, Jisoo Yoo asked me.

“Did you guys also heard from the angel?!”

“Yes, it has been notified to all the test takers, I hear.”


“That must be.  Other teams said they also heard it.  My god, does it make sense to combine two worlds together?!”

“There will be a chaos.”

What would happen if a monster’s habitat appears in the middle of Seoul?

What if a Wyburn’s nest shows up at the top of the Bukhan Mountain?

What if the military force of Kajad Poon Aman and Aman Empire appear in the middle of the great land of China?


How big of a confusion will it cause around the globe should there appear countless humans and elfs from the Arena world, all over the place?

If and when such chaotic situation plays out, how many nations could possibly keep the order without losing the societal norms?

“If it has come to that state, the nations would have no choice, but to form alliances with one another.  No matter how much was invested in the businesses related to the Arena, ultimately, the value of money will exist only when the social order is maintained.”

Jihae Cha was right.

Even all those capitalists, who love money and are crazed over Mahjong, would not want the two worlds to become one.

Would the top echelon people who rule the world be willing to lose the societal order that allows them to keep their status quo?

The problem was that, on the other hand, there will be others who will definitely want exactly that.  They are none other than…

“Perhaps, the corrupted test takers may welcome such a thing.”

It was as pointed out by Jihae Cha.

I was also concerned over the exact same thing.

In a world where the societal norms are crushed and abundance of monsters live, there was a strong possibility that the test takers with power could eventually become the new ruling class.

As a matter of fact, people like Changwi Li, who has overtaken the Chinese test team, may certainly welcome such a world in which the law of the jungle will rule.

‘That bastard has, long ago, lost the ability to survive unless there was power as a test taker.’

Changwi Li is untouchable by the Chinese government at this moment.

However, if he loses the power of the test taker, they will not leave him alone in one piece.

From Changwi Li’s perspective, it was highly possible that he will ally with the Aman Empire and fight until the end.

Should the resurrected monster Sultan Kajad overtake the Earth, Changwi Li’s faction that has been a stooge for the Aman Empire will strengthen their position.

Like Changwi Li, there will surely be test takers who would want to reign over the world, taking advantage of the chaos in the society.

It wasn’t just the corrupt test takers.

There was a potential danger even from the ordinary test takers as well.


Think about it.

The test takers have garnered awesome, powerful abilities through skills unlike the ordinary people.

After completing the final stage of the test, but only to just lose all those abilities after the test?


When they return to being ordinary people again, there will certainly be many test takers who will fear such loss.

I, too, kept such fear inside me.  That was until Jihae Cha planted a faith in the future in me.

As they have already experienced death once before, there will be strong desire to become special beings.

‘That is really a problem.’

It was when such a concern was preoccupying me.

A group of people appeared out of the elevator in the basement where the test takers were milling about.

They were none other than Chulho Yim, the head of the center, along with the research center’s associates.


While the researchers were talking to the respective test takers that they have proctored, Chulho Yim, the center’s head, approached me.


“It was all cleared.  By the way, have you heard?”


“Yes, I’ve come down immediately after I received the report.  Can we go someplace quiet to chat?”

“Of course.”


I said good bye to Jisoo Yoo and Jinhyuk Cha and followed Chulho Yim, the center’s head, along with Jihae Cha.

We talked quietly in Chulho Yim’s office.

“First of all, Chairman McLaren contacted me directly and asked how things were going with respect to what was promised.”

“I brought them with me.  I brought two pairs of animals to give a pair, each to McLaren Research Center and the Nordic test team.

“Now, Chairman McLaren has sided with the position that all tests must be cleared.  He has assured complete cooperation for the next set of tests.”

“That seems logical.  The two worlds are being combined.  Who would like to see such a crazy situation.”

“Corrupt test takers, like Changwi Li, may welcome it.”

Chulho Yim, the center’s head, spoke as he let out a sigh.  It coincided exactly with my concern.

“Anyhow, it has not become a global issue.  No government will longer hesitate to clear tests.”

“That is a fluid situation.  However, the issue is that the tests will be ultimately cleared by the test takers, no matter however way the nations’ efforts are coordinated.”


“No one can guess what kind of ideas will come into the minds of the test takers who wish to retain power and position.”

Jihae Cha added.

Look of concerns overtook the face of Chulho Yim, the center’s head,

So, I spoke.


“It is imperative to establish sufficient rewards for the test takers by the national government, less they cook up different ideas.”


“I agree, but I’m not sure how much rewards can be committed by the current government…..”

“You do realize how urgent the problem is now, right?”

“Of course.”

“It is not the time to be picky, is it?  It is not overstating to say that the nation’s existence is in the hands of the test takers!?”

Chulho Yim, the center’s head, nodded his head as I grew a bit agitated.

“I understand.  I will make a strong case for that from my position.”

“No, perhaps, say it like this.  Please tell them that I’ll no longer participate in the Mahjong business if reward is not established.”

“What?!  I mean, that is…..”

“Please report to the government that way.  If we are finished, we will be on our way, now.”

We came out of the office.


* * *


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