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Chapter 183:  The Final Break (3)



“As it has come to this, I have no choice.”

After letting out a big sigh, I said reluctantly.

“You’re right.  As a matter of fact, spending unproductive time while preparing for the civil service exam, all this time, was a ruse in order to hide my identity.  I was…..”

“You’re BSing.”

“You’re lying.”

“Son, that is not true.”

As all three members of my family pointed out almost concurrently, my face turned red.  Ah, they certainly weren’t buying it.

Inevitably, I explained that after I was discovered by the director of Jinsung Group who I had saved on the hiking trail, I was introduced to the work and somehow, I came to work on a government project that involved the government, Jinsung Group, and the Danish government.

It was rather easy to convince them that I wasn’t able to talk about the specifics by saying it was a secret.

“Anyway, since you two have decided to get married, I am relieved, kids.”

Mom looked at my older sister and Hyunji in turn, and let out a big sigh.

“Now, it would be great if your problems were resolved…..”

Hyunjoo, my older sister and Hyunji lowered their heads apologetically.

As a reference, the internet shopping business that Hyunji insisted on getting into was in the red.

“Hyunji, I’ll introduce you to some people, would you want to work at Jinsung Group?”


Hyunji’s eyes opened wide upon hearing me.

“If I put in good words, they may be able to place you somewhere in a subsidiary company or something.”

Wouldn’t the chairman Park Jinsung do me a small favor like that.

“I’ll, I’ll!”

“You don’t have any regrets about the shopping mall?”

“Yup, I’ll never get into another business with my own money.  I have a bird brain, so it doesn’t seem like it’s going to work.”

She must have learned to be humble after having seen the piled up inventory in the warehouse.

I called chairman Park Jinsung as the topic has come up.

-What’s up?  I’ve heard that there was a chaotic event at the arena.

“You’ve heard.  Soon, I feel that an important decision has to be made with respect to that issue.  But not at this time, right now, I want to ask you for a small favor.”

-What is it?

“Could you help with my little sister’s job hunting…..”


“She is a bit thickheaded and lazy, but she is quick witted.  Would that be OK?”

-You rascal, do I look like a grandpa next door to you?  That was the reason for calling me?

“Yes sir.  It is a matter of life and death for one person.”

-I’ll put in a word to the chief secretary Lee, so you know.

“Yes, please, I ask for a position that pays enough, but with not too much work.  She doesn’t like working a lot, either.

-I’m hanging up!

The phone went dead.

Nodding my head, I said to Hyunji.

“It’s done.  They will call you for an interview soon.”

“Wow!  Really?  I’m going to be working at Jinsung Group?”

“Yeah, I asked for a not too busy position, so they will make that happen.”

“Nice!  Thank you, Hyunho!”

Hyunji was delighted so much that she was about to do a club dance without any music.

“Son, did Hyunji get a job?”

“Yes, mom.”

“Wow, you must have become a really important person, son.  Putting your little sister into a position at such a big corporation like that.  Not just any other normal kids, but our Hyunji.”

“That worried me a little, but as it is my request, as long as she does not show up drunk at the interview, it should be fine.”

“Wow, great.  Then Hyunjoo getting married is the only homework left.”

“I’ll, I’ll get married, shortly.  No, sometime…..”

Unlike my usual older sister, her voice was deflated.  Anyhow, me, getting married seemed to have done a number on her.  I felt terrible.

I wanted to call chairman Park Jinsung to find a man for her, but I couldn’t do it in fear of getting bombarded with all sorts of cursing.  It would be interesting though.

However, then, Cha Jihae, who was quietly watching our family’s comical exchanges, spoke.

“Is professional military person acceptable?”


“You knew of someone?”

Hyunji and I were startled with surprise.

“I have not stayed in touch with them, but when I was in the military, there were a lot of subordinates that I knew.”

Cha Jihae spoke to Hyunjoo.

“As women do not like professional military people, there were many who could not get married.”

“I like military people.”

Hyunjoo replied immediately.

“There are problems with small pay and inability to make time…..”

“Doesn’t matter, at all.  As long as they are real men.”

“They are elite special force members.  That, I can assure you.”

Alright, only men of such stature could handle my older sister.

Cha Jihae also made calls on the spot since the topic came up.

“Hey, long time no see.  Enough for pleasantries, I’ll get in to the real reason.  By any chance, do you want to meet a girl… do.  OK.  Text me the dates that you could be out on a leave for vacation.”

After hanging up the call, Cha Jihae spoke to Hyunjoo.

“He said he will meet you”

“He did not even hear anything about me?”

“That’s not necessary.”

By some chance, it seemed as if our three siblings’ problems have all been addressed.

Mom was very happy, and Hyunjoo’s anger was tempered down as well.

Hyunji was already texting her friends, bragging that she was a woman who was working at a big corporation.

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