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Assassin Landlord & Beauty Tenants

Some of the content might not be suitable for underage children, as it might contain violent scene, vulgar words and maybe vulgar scenes.

Chapter 45 – Robbery in the Jewelry Shop (Part 1)


This night, Zhao Tiezhu slept very comfortably. On the second day, he got up early, and took Li Ling’er to school. Right, Zhao Tiezhu was coming back for the military training.


On the road, he made a phone call to Tieshou, who seemed to be still sleeping. He sounded a little vague, but when hearing Zhao Tiezhu’s voice, he immediately got up.


“How is the matter going?” asked Zhao Tiezhu.


“At present, they have already grabbed one-third of their territory. They have a very strong counterattack ability. We have already scraped several people here.” Tieshou replied respectfully.


“Keep it this way, wait until I have time to go with you to Chaozhou Gang.” Zhao Tiezhu said, then hung up. On the side, Li Ling’er asked curiously, “brother Tiezhu, what are you doing?”


“Looking for a bodyguard for you. Haha.” Zhao Tiezhu laughed.

In a short while, the two arrived at FJ University. At this time, many people have already arrived at the playground. Zhao Tiezhu’s appearance made Fan Jian scream, “Tiezhu, here you are. Where have you been these days? You were trying to lose your virginity?” People burst into laughter.


“Come on, you think your brother needs it?” Zhao Tiezhu smiled and slammed Fan Jian, but did not use any strength. Fan Jian took Zhao Tiezhu to a side and said, “what is it? Tell me, your Ling’er comes here every day. Don’ tell me that you’ve overspent your energy at night?”


“Go to hell. I have unlimited strength, got it? Not only Ling’er, even with Guo Jing, Linda, I will still be a hero the next day.” Zhao Tiezhu said confidently.


Zhao Tiezhu turned back and saw Li Ling’er getting angry. He said, “I was just saying that you’re much prettier than Guo Jing and Linda.”


“Then how could you show your heroic side?”


“Well, that…your beautiful figure is always on my mind, and it makes me energetic. That’s how I’ve become heroic.” Zhao Tiezhu wiped the sweat on his forehead and made up a lie.

“Brother Tiezhu, you must be playing a bad guy again.” Li Ling’er snorted and looked at Zhao Tiezhu with a wink, she grabbed Zhao Tiezhu’s arm and said, “don’t make me start telling everyone the secret of you and Lei Zi.” Then, she raised her brow and left, leaving Fan Jian who started getting curious.


“Bloody hell, Tiezhu, who’s Lei Zi? What’s your relationship? What are the secrets?” Fan Jian was like a paparazzi and kept storming Zhao Tiezhu with questions.


Zhao Tiezhu rolled his eyes and did not answer.


At this point, Niu Meng came to the front of the team. Seeing Zhao Tiezhu coming, he nodded slightly as a greeting. Zhao Tiezhu also nodded in response.


Today’s military training was nothing more than standing in the military position, turning forward and backward, there were naturally no difficulties for Zhao Tiezhu, as his movements complied to the standards and he was fast enough. Niu Meng saw it and he confirmed his thoughts – Zhao Tiezhu had to belong to the Shenlong commando, he just wasn’t sure why he’s on that class, there must be a reason.

The morning training ended at 11:30, and the students started eating in the cafeteria. The dining hall of FJ University had pretty good food. There were many kinds of dishes, including both Chinese and Western dishes, and they were delicious and cheap. The canteen had a pretty high ranking among all the universities.


Fan Jian, Zhao Tiezhu, Li Ling’er, and a very good friend of Li Ling’er, called Liu Ying, came to the school cafeteria, ordered a few dishes, and found a nice spot to sit down. Li Ling’er naturally sat with Zhao Tiezhu, making people who’d been observing Li Ling’er for a few days disappointed.


In the past few days, Li Ling’er had always had lunch alone, and people thought she’s single. It seems that she’s taken.


From time to time, someone would greet Li Ling’er, Zhao Tiezhu asked with suspicion, “Ling’er, since when have you known so many people?”


“I am very popular. Hey, I have been successful selected as the Secretary-General of the Student Union a few days ago. Those people are in the same department.” Li Ling’er laughed.


“Student union… You are really enthusiastic.” Zhao Tiezhu sighed. Li Ling’er was just a freshman, yet she was already selected to assist in the student union. There must be someone taking care of her, otherwise it wouldn’t be possible. Obviously, pretty girls always have more advantages everywhere.

Chapter 45 – The Case of the Jewelry Store Heist


This night, Zhao Tie Zhu slept well .   The next day, he got up early to take Li Ling er to school .   Yep, he had to go back to school to continue military training .

Along the way, he gave Iron Hands a call .   Iron Hands was still sleeping so he was a bit groggy, but once he hear Zhao Tie Zhu’s voice, he perked up .

“How’s it going?” asked Zhao Tie Zhu .

“So far, we’ve taken over one-third of their territory, but they are putting up quite a fight .   We’ve already lost a lot of our people . ” Iron Hands replied in a respectful manner .

“Maintain the status quo .   Wait until I have some free time to make a trip out to Chao Zhou with you . ” Zhao Tie Zhu hung up after he finished talking .   Li Ling Er, who was next to him, curiously asked, “Brother Tie Zhu, what are you doing?”

“Finding you some bodyguards, haha,” laughed Zhao Tie Zhu .

In a while, the two of them arrived at FJ University .   At this time, there were a lot of people who had already arrived at the training area .   Zhao Tie Zhu’s appearance immediately provoked Fan Jian to shout out, “Tie Zhu!  You’ve finally come!  Where have you been these past few days?  You didn’t really go out to shoot off your ‘gun’ and lose your virginity, right?”  The surrounding area erupted in gales of laughter .

“Your little sister!  Does this big brother need to?” Zhao Tie Zhu laughed and threw a punch at Fan Jian without much strength behind it .   Fan Jian pulled Zhao Tie Zhu to the side and asked in a vulgar manner, “What’s going on?  Tell me .   Your Ling Er comes comes everyday .   It really couldn’t be that you used up all your stamina every night in ‘battle’?”  (T/N:  Your sister is something of a curse akin to F*ck you but in a softer manner . ZTZ refers to himself in the third person as ‘big brother’ sometimes .   I added this for clarity . )

“Up yours .   This big brother’s stamina is limitless, understand?  Don’t mention just Ling Er, but even adding Guo Jing and Linda, I can still have a strong erection the next day . ” Zhao Tie Zhu said confidently . (T/N: the actual words instead of strong erection here actually mean “awe-inspiring display”  I took some liberties for clarity)

Unbeknownst to them, LI Ling Er had walked up beside them and heard the last of Zhao Tie Zhu’s words .   She asked, “Brother Tie Zhu, what about me and Guo Jing and Professor Linda?”

Zhao Tie Zhu whirled around to see Li Ling Er showing faint signs of anger .   He hurriedly said, “I said that you’re a lot prettier than Guo Jing and Linda . “

“Then what are you talking about a strong erection for?”

“This . . . .   Your beautiful visage is imprinted into my mind, filling me with vitality, so of course there is a strong erection . ”  Zhao Tie Zhu fabricated, wiping the sweat off his forehead .

“Brother Tie Zhu, you are definitely playing tricks again . ”  Li Ling Er pouted, looking at Zhao Tie Zhu in a flirtatious manner .   She clutched at Zhao Tie Zhu’s arm, and said, “don’t make me tell everyone the secret between you and Lei Zi . ”  After that, she raised her eyebrow, turned around and left, leaving behind Fan Jian openly displaying a gossipy demeanor .

“F*ck!  Tie Zhu, who is Lei Zi?  What kind of  relationship do you have with each other? What kind of secret do you share with her?”  Fan Jian asked in succession like a paparazzo .

Zhao Tie Zhu rolled his eyes and said nothing .

At this time, Niu Meng had already arrived in front of the troop, saw that Zhao Tie Zhu had come, nodded his slightly in greeting .   Zhao Tie Zhu also nodded his head in return .

Today’s military training was nothing more than standing at attention, turning forwards,  and turning backwards–pretty standard stuff .   Zhao Tie Zhu naturally did everything quickly and accurately without difficulty .   Seeing this made Niu Meng even more certain that Zhao Tie Zhu was a member of the Dragon God Corps .   He didn’t know why he was going to school, but there had to be a purpose .

Morning training ended at 11:30AM .   The students naturally ate lunch in the school cafeteria .   FJ University had a pretty good cafeteria which offered many different selections, including both Eastern and Western dishes which were both tasty and cheap .   Amongst all the other universities in China, it would definitely rank pretty high .

Fan Jian, Zhao Tie Zhu, Li Ling Er, and Li Ling Er’s buddy Liu Ying all went together to the school cafeteria, picked a few dishes, searched for seats, and sat down .   Li Ling Er naturally sat together with Zhao Tie Zhu .   This disappointed many people nearby who had been watching Li Ling Er .   The past few days Li Ling Er had been eating all alone so they thought that she was single .   Now it seems that she was taken .

Occasionally, someone would stop by and greet Li Ling Er .   Zhao Tie Zhu suspiciously said, “Ling Er, when did you know so many people?”

“I’m popular, hehe .   A few days ago I successfully ran for Head Secretary of the Student Council .   Those people just now are in my division . ” Li Ling Er laughed .

“Student Council . . . You really are dedicated . ”  Zhao Tie Zhu sighed . A freshman elected head of a division of the Student Council . . . .   Someone was definitely pulling some strings in the background, otherwise this would be impossible .   Ah, sure enough, beautiful women get perks wherever they go .

“Quick!  Look at the news!  Crap!  Ah, a gun battle movie!”  Suddenly, a disturbance rippled across the room .   Many students who were in the middle of eating all lifted their heads to look at the cafeteria TV hanging in midair .   The TV was broadcasting FJ channel’s 30-minute news which was currently live-broadcasting a gunfight .   Not long after, the sounds of gunfire stopped .   A little person and a giant showed up on TV .   Both were wearing masks and stood in front of a jewelry store’s broken French doors .   The little person and the giant each grabbed a hostage, and yelled to the surrounding policemen, “Get us a helicopter within half an hour .   Have it land on the rooftop of this building .   If in half an hour I do not see a helicopter, I will kill a hostage after every minute has passed . ” (T/N:  The actual words are French windows .   But they are actually two door-sized windows that open out so I wrote doors . )

The little person’s hostage was a pregnant woman, easy to hide behind .   A gun was pointed at the pregnant woman’s head; she was so scared her complexion was deathly pale .   She suddenly felt a burst of pain in her stomach, and then a gush of water flowed out of her body .   Her water broke!

“F*ck!  Who is so bold as to rob a jewelry store!” Fan Jian said .

Zhao Tie Zhu continued to stare straight at the TV .   That pregnant woman looked like she was about to go into shock .   A woman strode out of the policemen .   This was a woman who everyone who saw her would admit was stunning .   The instant this woman appeared, Zhao Tie Zhu’s pupils contracted briskly and Li Ling Er screamed, “Sister Yan Ni!”

They saw Su Yan Ni calmly walk towards the little person and the giant as she said, “What kind of man are you to kidnap a pregnant woman?  Look!  She’s about to give birth!  If you keep taking her, she will drag you down .   Why don’t we discuss things?  Exchange that pregnant woman for me .   I will be your hostage .   Let her go . “

A flash of evil glinted across the little person’s eyes .   As he looked at the nearby Su Yan Ni, he said, “OK .   Throw away the gun in your hand .   Come over alone .   Let’s exchange one for one . “

Su Yan Ni motioned the policemen at her side not to come closer .   Then she threw her gun to the policemen behind her and slowly walked in front of the little person .

The little person fiercely stuck out his hand and gave Su Yan Ni a hard pull .   Su Yan Ni did not even have a chance to respond before she was captured by the little person .   “I’m already your hostage .   You can release her now . ” Su Yan Ni calmly said .

“OK .   I’m a man of my word . ” The little person grinned and pushed the pregnant woman by his side forward .

Su Yan Ni was about to breathe out a sigh of relief, when the little person suddenly raised his gun .

Bang .

A gunshot echoed .   The pregnant woman collapsed . +

“NO! ! ! ! !”

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