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Chapter 48 – Evening Welcome Party



As soon as they came out of the dormitory, Fan Jian gave Zhao Tie Zhu a thumbs up.  “Tie Zhu, you’re pretty awesome.  You even know the school beauty!!”

“You flatter me.  It’s all your fault–watching a movie without locking the door.  Now my reputation is done for.” ZTZ let loose a flood of complaints.  Little did he know, he was already vulgar and lecherous in Chen Ling Shan’s mind.

“Let’s go eat.” Fan Jia called out.  The two of them went towards the school cafeteria.

After eating dinner, the sky was already a bit dark outside.  This evening welcome party was being held in the school assembly hall.  The two of them thought about it and didn’t have anything else to do so they decided to go early to the assembly hall.

This assembly hall was huge and was said to be able to accommodate several thousand people.  At this time, there were already people there, probably just as bored as the two of them.  They looked for seats closer to the stage and sat down.  Pieces of the set were just being moved onto the stage.  There were also some actors/actresses putting on makeup and familiarizing themselves with the stage.  Fan Jian yawned and said, “Tie Zhu, what does your family do?”

“I don’t have any family anymore. ” ZTZ said indifferently.

Fan Jian paused for a second. “I’m sorry.”

“No problem.  Fan Jian, how about your family?  From  your self-introduction, you had a pretty big family.”

“Not too bad.” When the topic of his family was brought up, Fan Jian said with a bit of pride: “My family is normal in size.  My dad is a government worker; my mom is CEO.  My maternal grandfather is…. My maternal grandmother is… ” [here we’ve omitted 10,000 words].

“Why are you like this when you’re family circumstances are so good?”  ZTZ pointed at Fan Jian’s attire.  At a glance, Fan Jian’s clothing was definitely from a roadside stand.

“Che, low key, you know?  For an upper class family like mine, the most important thing is to keep a low profile.  This way we ‘pretend to be a pig to eat the tiger’.  Understand?” Fan Jian said with an ‘you don’t understand me’ expression.  (T/N: To pretend to be a pig to eat the tiger is a saying that is similar in meaning to being a wolf in sheep’s clothing)

“HaHa! You’re more than low key enough,” Zhao Tie Zhu laughed.

“What do you usually do when you go home?” Fan Jian changed the subject.

“Not much.  Go online.  Play.”

“HaHa.  Play.  With Ling Er?” Fan Jian smiled lewdly, and then said, “I play DOTA.  There’s a lot of experts in our class.  We even formed a clan, JY Clan.  Cool, right? Jun Ye!”

“JY Clan…. This name.”  Zhao Tie Zhu made a strange face.  Why does this name seem so much like the thing that men use to impregnate women?

“Let me tell you, we the JY Clan are pretty fierce.  After battling with all the other Department freshmen, we continue to be undefeated.”

The time passed quickly from these two’s idle talk.  More and more people entered the assembly hall.  Pretty soon, it was almost at capacity.  This was because it wasn’t just freshmen; sophomores, juniors, and seniors also came to watch the evening party.  In fact, many people who have gone to college know that most people go to the evening parties to see beauties–this was the same at any university. It was rumored tonight’s emcee was the freshman number one beauty; many people came to get a glimpse of this beauty.

The two of them had good seats, just a few meters right in front of the stage in the third row with a clear view.  The first two rows were reserved for teachers and presenters so this third row was one of the best locations for students.

The assembly hall was now full; some of those who arrived later had to stand.  At this time, a dozen plus men walked up near Zhao Tie Zhu.  “Fellow junior brothers, we are seniors.  We’ve reserved all these seats.  I hope you can give us face.”  These people carried themselves like hoodlums.  Even if they didn’t have the stereotypical tattoos and dyed hair, their demeanor was not much different.  Their faces carried a look of ‘refuse to leave at your own risk’.

There were two types of people who could enter FJ University.  Most were good students; only a small amount were admitted using connections.  Those currently sitting in the third row were of the former, and these seniors were of the latter type.  Many people accepted their bad luck, got up, and left.

Fan Jian frowned.  He couldn’t stand these type of people, but there were only two of them while the opponents numbered greater than a dozen.  If they were to fight, he would be the one to lose out.  Just as he was about to stand up and give up his seat, Zhao Tie Zhu blocked him. “Sit.  It’s okay.”  Fan Jian looked at the surrounding people and said, “Can we beat them with just the two of us?”  Zhao Tie Zhu gave him a reassuring look.

“These two students, I hope you can give us face.  Go sit in the back.  We’ve reserved these seats.”

“They’re reserved just on your word?  I can say that I reserved Ma Yili, but didn’t she marry Wen Zhang anyways?” Zhao Tie Zhu said disdainfully.  (T/N: Ma Yili is Chinese actress:

“You’re freshmen, right?  Sure enough, a newborn calf is not afraid of tigers.”  One person laughed as he said to the person next to him.  “Send them out.”

At once, two of the stronger students walked out of the group towards the two people.  One reached out to grab Zhao Tie Zhu’s collar.  Zhao Tie Zhu grabbed his hand with one hand and exerted a little bit of force.  That person who felt as if his hand was in a giant vise, like it was going to snap his bones, suddenly collapsed kneeling down on the ground.  Zhao Tie Zhu kicked stomped towards the side.  The stomp landed on the calf of the person grabbing onto Fan Jian; he held his calf and sat on the ground, unable to get back up again.

“Oh?  He’s got some skill.” The person who just said this laughed as he ordered his people to attack.  At this time, a few middle aged people walked into the assembly hall, including the vice principal and several Directors.

Once these people saw that the presenters had arrived, they had to forget about it and sit down next to Zhao Tie Zhu.  Fan Jian sat to the right of Zhao Tie Zhu; the seat to Zhao Tie Zhu’s left was empty.  Those seniors didn’t sit there, either.  At this time, a woman sat down next to Zhao Tie Zhu.  Zhao Tie Zhu looked and realized it was his teacher, Linda.

“I say, teacher.   Why don’t go up to help present instead of stealing seats from us students?”  Zhao Tie Zhu laughed.  Tonight Linda wore a casual T-shirt and jeans, showing off her beautiful curves.

“I don’t like sitting with those people.  I’m watching the evening party, not going to a meeting.  With a poker face, like someone owes them money.  It’s better to be with you younger more energetic guys.” Linda laughed, and then said, “Today’s emcee is your Ling Er.  I say that you’re a pretty capable fellow.  Tell me, when did you capture Ling Er?”

“What do you mean capture?  She’s the one who pursued me!” Zhao Tie Zhu laughed.  “At the the time I refused to agree.  But, I had no way around it.  She made a big scene so I could only give in.” (T/N:  the phrase for made a big scene here is one cry two tantrum three hang themself which is a stereotypical dramatic way to make a scene, no?)

“BS.  Keep BSing.”

“I think that Tie Zhu is telling the truth.” Fan Jian said from the side.  “Tie Zhu is so powerful at shooting off his gun, Ling Er definitely was the one who pursued him!”  (T/N:  It’s a joke because shooting a gun could be literal, or ‘shooting his little gun’ from between his legs.)

“Shooting his gun?  HAHAHAHA!  ROFL.  Student Tie Zhu, you… HAHAH.” Linda laughed loudly.

Zhao Tie Zhu shrugged helplessly without a word.

The evening show was about to start.  The lights suddenly went dark.  Two sets of footsteps slowly made their way to the middle of the stage, then a spotlight shone on the two people.

The audience started to make some murmurs of surprise, accompanied by numerous whistles.

This Ling Er was not sporting the normal mushroom-head style.  Her hair was pulled up into an updo, her face lightly made up, her lips painted with a pink lipstick.  She wore a golden corseted dress.  Her rounded breasts stood out proudly, faintly showcasing her cleavage to the world.  Add a slender waist and one would never get tired of that body.

Zhao Tie Zhu’s eyes lit up, “This little lass!  She’s pretty charming!”

T/N: The words evening party refer to a sort of show/exposition.  Culturally there are several of these shows put on in Chinese Universities.  This one is a welcome-party type event which is common.

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