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Assassin Landlord & Beauty Tenants Chapter 49 – OuYang Hao Confesses

Li LingEr’s emceeing skills surprised Zhao Tie Zhu. She excelled beautifully whether it’s her stage presence or her on-the-spot reactions. Where did this minx learn this from?

After the curtain call, Li LingEr suddenly saw the nearby Zhao TieZhu, winked, and gazed flirtatiously. Her flirt-game was so strong that it attracted the audience for a spell**. Except no one knew who she was flirting with. Those who were more conceited who were sure that she was flirting with them couldn’t stop their hearts from skipping a beat.

“Zeze, yor little girlfriend is flirting with you!” Linda teased. Zhao TieZhu remain unfazed. It wasn’t the first time she’d flirted with him; he had already developed an immunity.

The university evening party was like this: dancing dances; singing songs. Zhao TieZhu was bored; he laid on the table and took a nap. Suddenly, there was a loud burst of sound. Zhao Tie Zhu lifted up his head. The evening party was coming close to an end. LI LingEr and the other presenter were finishing up their concluding remarks and thanks when suddenly a handsome male student carrying a large bouquet of roses walked onto the stage. Immediately, many in the audience screamed. The man, with a slight smile on his face, walked in front of Li LingEr, took the male presenter’s mic, knelt down on one knee, and said to Li LingEr, “Hello. I’m OuYang Hao. I like you. Can I pursue you?”

The mic allowed OuYang Hao’s voice to spread across the assembly hall. OuYang Hao was one of the three Princes of FJ University. He was pretty well known. With support from his friends in the audience, the assembly hall immediately echoed with cries of “Say Yes!”

“Brats these days!” Zhao Tie Zhu yawned and wiped the drool from his face.

Li LingEr had a look of surprise on her face. After OuYang Hao finished speaking, Li LingEr gave a small smile. This smile made OuYang’s entire body go limp in a split second, really a gorgeous smile.

OuYang Hao anticipated Li LingEr’s positive response. He took the opportunity to get up and try to hug her, but Li LingEr laughed, “I’m sorry. You can’t.”

OuYang Hao’s face slightly darkened, but the onlookers couldn’t tell. They only saw OuYang Hao’s depressed face as he asked, “Really, can’t I? I like you very much.”

“You can’t. I have a boyfriend.” Li LingEr laughed and handed her mic to the male presenter at her side. Without even bothering to finish the curtain call, walked directly off the stage, and crooked her finger at Zhao TieZhu.

At that moment, all eyes in the assembly hall were on a drowsy-eyed Zhao TieZhu. OuYang Hao’s bros and underlings gave him an ominous glare. Zhao TieZhu fearlessly walked over to LI LingEr. Li LingEr pulled on Zhao TieZhu’s hand and walked out of the assembly hall, leaving behind a clamoring audience.

OuYang Hao walked off the stage with an ugly expression, handed the flowers in his hands to a nearby onlooker, and walked out of the assembly hall.

“I want to know everything about that person.” OuYang Hao coldy ordered a nearby underling.

The seniors who had taken the seats next to Zhao TieZhu rejoiced in his misfortune and laughed. “That new student made an enemy of OuYang Hao. Let’s watch how he dies this time.” (T/N: ‘how he dies’ as in how he gets ‘f*cked over’ by OuYang Hao)

Fan Jian had already noticed something wasn’t right so he left the assembly hall withi Linda. The surrounding seniors saw that he was with the teacher so they did not do anything to him.

“I say, LingEr, can you not use me as a human meat shield? If I collect too many enemies, what will happen if I get exposed?” Zhao TieZhu directed at Li LingEr by his side. “Also, you can’t keep denying me benefits, okay? Providing free labor is very demotivating!” (T/N: Not sure if it’s exposed, shocked, or killed. Internet slang says shocked. Listening to it, my knowledge of Chinese says it’s ‘exposed’ as in his identity is exposed.)

“What kind of benefits do you want?” Li LingEr turned and looked at Zhao TieZhu with a humorless smile.

“This… it’s up to you~ I don’t really care.” Zhao Tie Zhu finished speaking and looked at Li LingEr full of anticipation.

“How about…I give you a kiss?” Li LingEr suddenly said bashfully.

“This…didn’t I say it was up to you? Even if you wanted to warm my bed, I will have no objections.” Zhao TieZhu looked indifferent.

“Hahaha. Brother TieZhu you’re so bad!” Li LingEr turned and ran away.

At this time, Zhao TieZhu’s cell rang; it was a call from Iron Hands. “Brother TieZhu, Chao Zhou Clan’s people set up a negotiation talk tonight with us. Are you free? Would you like to come and observe?”

“Where?” Zhao TieZhu asked.

“At Chao Zhou clan’s “Midnight Ghost” club.”

“Alright. I’ve got it. I’ll go over first. When you get there, come find me.”

Zhao TieZhu hung up and caught up to Li LingEr.

“Let’s go. Big brother’s going to take you to clubbing,” Zhao Tie Zhu said.

“Okay! In all my life, I’ve never been clubbing before,” Li LingEr said happily.

“Great! The two of you secretly go clubbing and don’t even bring me along.” A female sound suddenly came from behind them. They turned back and saw Linda. Next to her stood Fan Jian with a vulgar expression on his face.

“Hey, teacher. You also want to join in on us youngsters’ events?” Zhao TieZhu said.

“You’re youngsters, but I’m young as well, okay? I graduated last year. I’m only a few years old than you guys. Go go go! A-clubbing we will go! Which club?” Linda walked impatiently up to Zhao TieZhu.

“Then let’s all go together.” Zhao TieZhu glanced at Fan Jian, “Do you want to go as well?”

“You know, when I was at home, I was know as the Little Clubbing Master. There were almost no clubs I hadn’t been to. At that time, I’d bring a few chicks, a few bros, and play until we were out of steam!” Fan Jian was in the middle of reminiscing, when a sudden gust of wind blew by. Fan Jian returned to the present to see that the rest of the group were already far away. Fan Jian gave a loud shout, and caught up with them.

The “Midnight Ghost” was operated by the Chao Zhou clan. This club was the biggest one close to FJ University, and also the most popular. It was around 10PM at night; the club was already hopping.

Zhao TieZhu brought everyone into the club; immediately a server came up to them.

“Give me a private room, ” Zhao TieZhu ordered.

The server brought Zhao TieZhu to a corner of the club. The Midnight Ghost club’s private rooms were atypical of most clubs. They were open air, contained a sofa and a table, with no barriers between private rooms. The private room looked out onto a crowded dance floor; numerous male and female figures gyrated on the floor. The club’s equipment was pretty good; the DJ was pretty skilled, hyping up the crowd.

After everyone sat down, Zhao TieZhu said, “Order whatever you want to drink.”

“I want a Bloody Mary,” Linda smiled as she ordered; her charming smile made the server dizzy.

“I want lemon water.” Li LIngEr also directed a small smile at the server; that server with several years of experience actually displayed a rare blush. Zhao TieZhu and Fan Jian ordered two dozen beers.

“I say Linda. I’ve never met a teacher going clubbing with students before,” said Zhao TieZhu opened up his beer.

“Che! I’m not like those old fogies. What’s wrong with clubbing? If I was a man, I’d take you guys to go pick up chicks!” Linda put her long legs on the table, took a drink, and comfortably moved her body to the beat of the music.

“Come, Fan Jian. Let’s drink. ” Zhao TieZhu handed a beer to Fan Jian. Without any hesitation, Fan Jian shotgunned the entire bottle of beer. (T/N: OK, he didn’t shotgun it, but he drank it down in one gulp)

“Great! I haven’t had a drink in a long time. I’m going to drink more tonight!” Fan Jian let out a big beer belch and opened another bottle.

After consuming a Bloody Mary, Linda got more and more hyped up. She walked out into the middle of the dance floor and started gyrating with the crowd. Li LingEr, on the other hand, grabbed onto Zhao TieZhu and started playing a dice game.

About half an hour later, a group of big guys headed up by a guy with a fierce expression showed up. The crowd automatically opened up to let this group through.

This group of people was Iron Hands and his lil bros (underlings). After Iron Hands entered the bar, he looked around, saw Zhao TieZhu, and went forward to greet him. Zhao TieZhu gave him a wink. Iron Hands understood, and walked directly to the second floor of the club instead.

(T/N: Unlike the others here, OuYang Hao’s last name is OuYang. His first name is Hao. Hence the spacing to delineate family name vs. given names.)

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