41 Part 1

Being Able to Edit Skills in Another World, I Gained OP Waifus 41 (Teaser)


Rita, the Skill Rebuilding, and a Promise



“Activate! ‘Skill Structure Lv3’!”


I opened a virtual window showing Rita’s skills using ‘Skill Structure’.


“‘Area Breaker Lv1’!”


‘Quickly’  ‘Destroy’  an  ‘Opponent’s Area’





The skill’s concepts seemed to be rather loose.

The entire skill began to shiver bit by bit. The letters were shaking, bumping and rubbing against each other.

The space between the concepts was opening and closing like a fish’s mouth near the water’s surface.


The part where I had rewritten “Opponent’s Area” was starting to come off.


“Ah… No, wait!”


Rita’s body had a small reaction every time I touched the letters.


“Nagi… what are you doing? It hurts… it hurts!”


Rita’s clouded eyes were looking straight at my own.

Her mouth was half-open, and she was holding her own chest tightly while waving her tail.

Was this a side effect of ‘Quick Structure’?


No, that was not it.


The side effect was not only that Rita and I were tied together by a magical thread.

The usual ‘Skill Structure’ involves pouring my magic into slowly changing a skill’s concepts. That makes the process very stable.


But skills rebuilt using ‘Quick Structure’ are not as stable.

That’s why the letters seem to be loose. The magic power I’ve poured into them was unraveling and bursting open.


That magical power and the shaking letters were making Rita’s body tremble.

My ‘Food Negotiation Lv1’ is stable enough. Apparently, I had an upgrade to stabilize skills since I have my ‘Skill Structure’, but Rita isn’t so lucky. So…


“Sorry, Rita. I’ll stabilize your skill now.”


I touched Rita’s skill with my fingertips and began to slowly pour down my magic through them.


“Mmh! Ah! Nnghhhhhhh~!”




Rita held me tightly.

Then she bit my shoulder as if it were an everyday thing.


“Mmh, mmhh… Nghhh~! Aah, aaahhhhh…”


Twitch, twitch, twitch.

Rita turned around, went stiff, and started to rub against me.

Then, just like that, she drops onto the bed with a thud.


“A… Ahh… Phew… Nagi… Nagiiii…”


“Does this happen just by touching you?”


Rita finally let herself loose with a “Haaah”.


Her nightgown was coming undone, but she didn’t notice.

Her eyes were blank, and she was breathing heavily.


She was holding her large breasts as if hugging herself, and rubbing her knees so hard against each other that it must have started to hurt at some point.

Rita’s heart was beating at a tremendous rate. It was almost scary.


“…Rita, let’s take your ‘Area Breaker Lv1’ out of your body.”


I decided to uninstall the skill.

That skill wouldn’t do. It had become too unstable.

There was a way to adjust it by installing it in me, but it was too unstable to use it as it is.


Somehow it dawned on me. Maybe if removed Rita’s ‘Area Breaker Lv1’, the resulting shock may break the concept apart.

And trying to stabilize it while it’s inside Rita’s body might put a lot of pressure on her.


‘Area Breaker Lv1’ is a valuable skill indeed, but not as much as Rita herself.


“Let’s give up on ‘Area Breaker Lv1’. That way it’ll be easier on you too, Rita.”


“… No way.”




“Because… Master worked so hard to make that skill! It’s like our child to me! I cannot allow myself to lose it!”


“That’s why we can’t stay like this, we have to do something about it.”


“Then… calm it down. Can you do that, Nagi? This raging child I have inside me… Can you calm it down?”


“It’s going to be quite a burden for you, Rita.”


“…I’m fine.”




She was dripping sweat all over her neck and into her breasts, her body felt so hot to the touch that you could fry an egg on her, and her white skin, her breasts, and her tail were twitching uncontrollably at regular intervals.

Her eyes seemed drowsy and her beautiful blond hair was stuck to her skin because of her sweating.

She was even softly biting the palm of my hand, probably unconsciously.


“As your master, I cannot be putting my slaves through unnecessary burden.”


“I… I can take it. Even if everything in my head goes completely white… Even if I feel all tingly in my deepest parts… Even if I get the shivers, or too nervous… I don’t care if you… if when you decided to make this child with me, you… you thought that this was just a rehearsal!”


“A rehearsal?”


“Besides, when you made this ‘Area Breaker Lv1’ skill for me, you asked me to learn it as a favor! You said it yourself! So please, please calm this skill down… I beg of you!”


Still embracing herself, Rita looked at me with teary eyes.


“My master wouldn’t break his promise to his slave…”


Is that skill our “child” since we made it together…?

Rita seemed to think that way.

So she would definitely not give up… Rita was abandoned by her own family, and I didn’t think she would do the same thing herself.


…There was no helping it.


“All right. Just because it’s special.”


We had better be ready, since this would take us until morning.


“Rebuild ‘Area Breaker Lv1’ with ‘Skill Structure Lv3’”




Rita held my hand tightly and nodded from time to time.

But there was no way around it.

With just a simple touch, Rita started acting up like before.

I figured I might need to hold her down, or else she would not be able to endure it.


The reason why she was reacting like that whenever I touched her could probably be that she had developed some sort of sensitivity to my magic.


I wondered if I had to do a combination with Rita, like when we did the ‘Engagement’ with Cecyl.

That would make our magic and divine powers flow together as if we were a single being. It would eliminate the boundaries.

And if that went well, Rita would probably be able to ‘adjust’ to my magic.

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