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14 – I do not know the word “Stop”(2) >

-14-I do not know the word “Stop”(2)

-Excuse me. Are you Mr. Ha(JaegeonHa)?

-“Yes, I am.”

–Hi. I am sorry you are busy. I am Jin-hyuk Baek who works as an Associate Manager in the editorial team at Haneulsaem Company.

-“Ahha, Yes, Hello.”

-Jaegun immediately understood and replied pushing the break room(=Rest Room, Staff Lounge).Heavenly Sam is a literary brand of the Woong Sung Publishing Group, in which ‘Sturm und Drang’(질풍노도) is published.

– It’s just that we are preparing to launch a new brand called ‘Misterium’.

– A new brand?

-Yes, it is a genre fiction brand that focuses on horror and mystery. That is why we are calling you to ask your intention(=your opinion), Mr. Ha(JaegeonHa).

-Mr. Ha stopped his motion while taking my wallet out in front of the vending machine.

-“My intention(=My opinion)?”

– We are asking you if you are willing to give “Misterium” your work.


– Mr. Ha understood and nodded slowly

-By the end of “Artist’s Night” broadcast, I mentioned briefly that I was designing a new mystery genre. It was clear that they heard it and called me.

 “But it is in its conceptual stage… So, did you say that you are Jin-hyuk Baek, the Associate Manager?”

– Yes, I am.

-Putting coins in the vending machine, Mr. Ha said:

-First of all, I would like to thank you very much for your interest. But, But I can’t tell you in advance because it is in its conceptual stage now. Half of the planned drafts are not even completed.

– Of course we are calling you considering the situation.

-“Considering it?”

– We would like to give you a hand. We have a database. We have an accumulated database based on our long experience. In addition to capturing the goal and direction clearly so that you can improve your work, we can offer you proper marketing that is suitable for your work.

-The conversation kept going fast without any interruption.

-Mr. Ha(JaegeonHa) tumbled down and listened to the other person’s story picking up his coffee can.

-We will review brief synopses and drafts and contact you as soon as possible. What do you say?

-The voice of the opponent whose question ended was overly cheerful.

-They think it’s a suggestion that I can never refuse? The confidence of the opponent who seemed intentionally exposed came to Mr. Ha(JaegeonHa) a little uneasily.

-They think they are the best in Korea?

-Mr. Ha(JaegeonHa) laughed faintly and silently. Anyway, apart from the uncomfortable feeling, it is true that they are the best publisher.

-The author, Mr. Ha(JaegeonHa), already knew how great the WoongSungPublishing Group was.

-It is a company that holds an overwhelming share of the Korean publishing market by publishing works of renowned overseas famous writers in succession.

-It is extremely rare that the works of domestic artists with relatively poor grades are published.

-Therefore, it can be a great pride to the author, even if it is published through Woongsung’s Affiliated brand, regardless of sales volume.

-“I got it”

-Mr. Ha(JaegeonHa) who finished his thought quickly answered positively.

-I made a decision that I would forget the uncomfortable feeling for a while.-I decided to go ahead with laughing, although I was disgusted at helping my work get better and setting my goal and direction before they read my draft.

-Then I will send you drafts and synopsis as requested. Your email address is …”

-We will send it to you immediately. And you should come to the company soon and meet with the editorial team once. Could you come this week?

-The can was a little squeezed in Mr. Ha(JaegeonHa)’s hand.

-Without explaining any process and step, they want me to come to the company for the meeting

-I was nervous more than usual as I was focusing on writing.

-The positive mind that I had a little while ago crashed at once.

-After taking a short breath, Mr. Ha(JaegeonHa) asked.

-“Do you mean I have to go to the company?”

-“Yes, we will check your drafts and synopsis, and then we will organize team members to plan together after the internal meeting. We would you like to come and have a meeting with us …

-“Hold on”

-Mr. Ha(JaegeonHa) cut off his words in a firm tone.

-“I think I can’t go”

-“Yes? Mr. Ha(JaegeonHa), What are you talking about…..? -“Mr. Baek, you have not read my draft yet. In addition, I have not expressed my intention to work with ‘Misterium’ editorial staff.”

-Oh, Mr. Ha(Jaegeon Ha). I am sorry if I made you uncomfortable. The reason why I am telling you this is…..



-And unfortunately, I do not even know where Woongsung Haneulsaem editorial team is located. I will not be able to go to the company as I do not knowing the location.

-Mr. Ha. Hold on…..!

-“Have a good day. I gotta go I am busy now.”

-The phone hung up!

-Mr. Ha, who ended the call, drank the remaining coffee at once and took a breath.

-Caffeine, which is absorbed throughout the body, was gathering the scattered energy. He put an empty can in the trash bin and turned around.

-The phone vibrated!

-Within seconds, Mr. Baek called Mr. Ha back. Mr. Ha set the phone to silence and then left the break room.

-I have already forgotten the uncomfortable feeling of the call. His head was already full of thoughts about the mystery novel he was writing.


-“I am sorry, Editor, Myeongseok.”

-Associate Manager Mr. Baek and Mr Kim were standing side by side gathering their hands like students waiting for punishment.

-Myeongseok was sitting on the desk with a stiff expression on his face.

-“I really did not know that he was a very accomplished artist in the genre fiction. I did not even know you won the Digital Literature Prize. There are a lot of artists who contacted me today so I do that like other new writers without knowing it.

-“How long are you going to continue this dirty excuse?

-Myeongseok shouted unexpectedly and hit the desk with his fist.

-Mr. Beak shook his body and lost his balance. He avoided falling down because Mr. Kim held him.

-Mr. Kim bowed his head and continued to apologize to him.



-“It’s all my fault. It was my job but I passed it to Mr. Baek….! He was trying to help me with my work as I was busy. I’ll take responsibility for it somehow.

-Myeongseok put down his glasses as if I took off mine. He was standing with visible marks from wearing the glasses on his nose.

-“”You said it was a manual?”

-Mr. Baek lifted his head vibrating his vocal cords.

-The moment he crossed Myeongseok’ eyes he gave him sharp glances, he closed his eyes without knowing himself.

-Myeongseok turned around the desk and stood in front of Mr. Baek. Then he asked closing his face to him like roaring.

-“You followed the manual the way you do with other new writers? Do we have a manual that deals with the artist separately? Bring it to me.

-E…Editor…. I’ve made a slip of the tongue.

-“Go get it”

-Myeongseok shouted pointing out the door. Mr. Baek shook his body and then fell on his buttocks.

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-This time, Mr. Kim did not even have a chance to catch him.

-Have you set your own manuals and graded the artists? If he is a popular writer, then go meet him, but a new writer is not worth it?

-“I am sorry, I am so sorry.”

-“Mr. Baek is mistaken for something as I have been watching you. Are you identifying yourself with Woongsung? Do you think you are Woongsung itself because you work at Woongsung?”

-Myeongseok turned his eyes away from Mr. Baek to Mr Kim.

-“Choose someone else. Mr. Baek is going to be out of ‘Misterium’ and I will take charge of Author Mr. Ha.”

-“Yes, Yes….. Editor. I will do it.”

-Mr. Kim responded, bowing his head as if his head would fall off.

-Just then, the back door opened without notice. It was Taejin who is the representative and also Myeongseok’s father.

-He was one of the few people who could get into this room at will.

-You are here. Everybody go out.

-Mr. Kim made Mr. Baek who went white as snow stand and left the room. Looking around the closed door, Taejin asked.

-“What happened?”

-“Nothing much. It is not a big problem, but if they don’t solve it they should just report it to me immediately. I was angry that they could not solve this problem.”

-“Don’t be too hard on them. No matter what you do, they have a nature or spirit of work suddenly.”

-“Yes, Father. Could I get you coffee?”


-“Yes, please.”

-The two sat on the couch and had coffee.

-Taejin asked sipping hot coffee.

-“Is it going well to prepare for ‘Misterium’?

-“I keep searching for it. I am in trouble because I have not found  a catchy work yet.”

-Finding good words is not easy. But do not put too much pressure on yourself. I understand your mind enough to think of this company.

-“I know. But I want to do my best. After getting good achievement of ‘Misterium’, I will make place for Myeonghun.”

-“Yes, I am glad that my eldest son now has a heart for this business.”

-“As encouraging as it is to him, Tae-jin touched his thigh. A wrinkle-filled hand came into eyes of Myeongseok who lowers his eyes.


-Myeongseok’s heart felt a dull pain. My father was getting older.

-“How about dinner today? Calling Myeonghun too.”

-“I can not say it now. Maybe I’ll go see a writer.”

-“To see a writer?”

-“Yes, for Misterium.”

-“Who? A new writer?”

-“Maybe you know him. Mr. Ha who was the writer who won the Contemporary Youth Literature prize.”

-“Ahha…. Yes, I know.”

-Taejin nodded his head with his surprised eyes looking at the air

-He remembered clearly if it was Mr. Ha. It is hard to forget his name personally because he was the winner of the Grand Prize in Digital Literature under the pen name of Seo Gon-woo.

-“He is also writing mystery?”

-“When he appeared on the Artist’s Night, I heard the broadcast by chance. He said he was planning a new mystery. Originally, he was a writer who devoted himself to the genre. I’m looking forward to meeting him personally. I need to meet him once.

-“Okay….yes, we should not miss a good writer. A really good writer is always in hiding.”

-Looking at TaeJin, who was murmuring, Myeongseok felt doubts.

-It is clear that Mr. Ha is a new writer like a monster

-However, Taejin has known a lot of great artists and has been acquainted with many of them until now.

-It was surprised because Taejin showed such a reaction to Mr. Ha(JaegeonHa). Myeongseok could not help but wonder.

-“Do you know that Jaegeon Ha and Myeonghun are in the sale class?”

-Myeongseok could not get it out of his mouth at first, but he was thinking within himself.

-In the meantime, Taejin drank the remnant coffee with the expression that awakened him from the thought and got up.

-“Are you going?”

-“I know you are busy. I should not interrupt you. Good luck.”

-“I will call you later.”


-Shortly after Taejin left, Myeongseok called Myeonghun.

-He did not take the call.but when he kept calling without giving up, Myeonghun received the call with a sullen voice.


-“You’re not coming home?”

–I go to my home every day.

-“Father wants to see you. Even if you do not come often, get in touch with you. It’s not hard to make a phone call.

–Is that all you want to say? I’m busy.

-There was a bitter laugh at the mouth of Myeongseok.

-It’s been like this all the time because Myeongseok did not help Myeonghun in the Contemporary Youth Literature.

-“Are you really not going to give the manuscript to ‘Misterium’? I called to ask about this.

-As I said before, I do not care. There is no time.

-“It is a new release, Myunghun. It is a good career in your writer’s life. The editor is not nobody but your brother.”

-Over the phone, Myeonghun was having a short snorting.

-So, what? You could not help me when I’m in despair.


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-Just tell me one more time about the Contemporary Youth Literature.

-So, I am ok. It’s too much to write game scenarios, as my novel is dramatized.

-Myeongseok could not bear it anymore this time and replied to it.

-“Too much? The drama is still being postponed, and I heard from sister that Production seemed poor.

-He felt the breathing of Myeonghun getting rough. Myeongseok added it to that clearly.

-“Are you doing something well?

-I am busy so hang up…!

-The phone hung up!

-Myeongseok held the phone which got disconnected and bent his head backwards

-His two eyes squinted in front of dazzling light emitted by LEDs.



-After some thought, Myeongseok picked his cell phone again. Before he was a brother, he reminded himself that he is an editor.


-<14 – I do not know the word “Stop”(2)> End


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