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Botsuraku Youtei

Chapter 104

It seems like the money I received from Barol was a bit more than I expected since I could buy five whole pies with it.

I wanted that mysterious, pretty girl to also have the freshly-baked pies. And so I hurried back to the building in which I woke up. Going back now, what was I thinking leaving the doors unlocked with a pretty girl sleeping inside? Although, I wasn’t really in the right mind when I woke up either. When I got back, I found the girl sleeping peacefully, so it was all good for now.


Looking at her again, she really is a very beautiful person.

Her skin is so smooth that I feel like touching them a bit. But that would end up being sexual harassment so I stopped myself. Although I brought some pie, the mysterious, pretty girl still wouldn’t wake up. She was peacefully sleeping inside the white cocoon.

I would like her to wake up before it gets cold but I have no idea when she will be waking up. What exactly happened to us? I couldn’t remember no matter how hard I tried so I stopped thinking about it.


At this rate, the pies will go to waste…

I brought the pies as close to the cocoon as possible and made it so that the mysterious girl could get a sniff of its good smell which could act as a stimulus.




……The mysterious girl let out a voice.

This is unexpected. I wanted to try and see if her appetite for food could wake her up but this is an unexpected result.

I tried letting her sniff it again.




What is this feeling, like I have conquered something?

Come on, try sniffing it again.




She let out a louder voice than before, making her cheeks red. This might be heaven. And this pretty girl in front of me might be the goddess–giving me reward for piling up good deeds? No, let’s think straight.


I tried doing that a few more times and she moved her body a bit each time.

Is she waking up?

This time, her finger clearly moved. And next, strength came into her whole body as she woke up and opened her eyes.


Her big, pretty eyes were visible through the transparent cocoon. She looked even prettier than when she was asleep. Although her impression of being strong-willed also feels more apparent now.

It seems like she didn’t quite understand what was going on but she still immediately tore apart the cocoon wrapping her with both hands.

And naturally, her awareness was now set towards me.


“Who are you?”


“I don’t know myself.”


“….I wonder if you are a dangerous person.”


“I don’t think so. I just can’t remember anything. Well, can you remember who you are?”


“Of course, I am…… Hmm? Who am I?”


“Right? I was like that too.”


“Ah, I see…”


She looked around the building once again. There was no signs of living and there was also another cocoon the same as hers beside hers.


“Have you awakened just now as well?”


“No, I awakened a bit earlier. And I bought these from outside. Pies, they are extremely delicious.”

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She took the pie I offered but looked kinda reluctant to eat it.


“Try eating it–you must be very hungry.”




She nervously took a bit.




……Nomnomnom, mmmm—-!!


She ended up putting the whole pie in her mouth, making her cheeks swell and turn red as tears of deep emotion came pouring out her eyes. And for some reason I am not quite sure of, she also thrusted her hands to the air as if she had triumphed,


“Umm…… can I get another……”




I had predicted she would ask for another and so I handed over another. I also showed her the rest to let her know there’s more but she also put that one in her mouth in one go and again thrusted her fist of victory.

And right afterwards, she clogged her throat and I had to save her from writhing in agony…… which I thought would be better if I remove from my memory. I wouldn’t want to remember something that would ruin her prettiness.


“Fuu, I feel somewhat happy now that my stomach is full.”


“About to remember something about yourself?”


“Nope, not at all.”


I guess that is also natural. I also ate the pie but didn’t go through any change either. It didn’t seem like a full belly would bring back memories, after all.


“Hey, what should I call you?”


She looked into my face and asked.

That’s a tough question. What shall I be called? I can’t even remember anything about myself.


And suddenly, I remembered the stuff that happened in that old man’s blacksmith. The one who made that famous sword, Kururi Helan, was it? Seems like he was quite talented but died a few years ago. To be honest, I was a bit jealous of his fame. Because I felt like I could make swords just as good as his, if not better. That’s what my instinct tells me.


“I guess… I will go by the name Kururi.”


I don’t have a clear reason behind it but I kinda felt right to borrow that name for now.


“Hmmm, it kinda has this loose feeling to it–it resembles you.”


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What harsh things this girl says. I had thought she would have a very strong personality, looks like I was on point.


“And what about you?”


“Eh?! Me too?”


“Of course. It must be some kind of fate to have met here so let’s decide on what to call you too. Besides, you also made fun of my name. Please, let me see what good sense of naming you have.”


I provoked her a bit. She did call my name loose, so this much should be fine.


“H-how about E… Eri?”