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Botsuraku Youtei

Chapter 108

Not being able to secure a regular customer, I was scolded a bit by old man Barol for not having the guts. I ignored him while he ranted on and on about how the expenses would increase even more when I have a child. I mean, it’s a misunderstanding to begin with and it’s also being too hasty, you know?

The name Rail Rain spread more and more day by day to the point that I could hear the name from noble customers visiting the shop. It seems like there are several stories about him which substantiate the fact that he is an extremely wonderful person. If he were an acquaintance of mine, he might have been a VIP customer of this shop. Well, that isn’t happening anymore, though. I don’t think the message made it through the elite guard squad to the doctor of the rumors. And it also feels kind of wrong to ask them about it again.


Either way, I decided to forget about it and concentrate on what I can do myself. I went back to my usual job as a blacksmith.

As thanks for guiding the way the other day, I prepared a special training menu for Riot. He was whining about being tired of the foundation trainings, so the timing is just right. And so, while listening to his screams, today again, I started to make swords.


By sunset, Riot began to drag his exhausted body home. Eli and I started to close the shop. The business also went well today and we were able to end the day on a good note. But when I went outside to put the ‘closing for the day’ sign in front of the shop, I saw two customers running fast to try and make it before I close up.


“Oii, ah that’s good, I am glad. We made it.”


One of them was the old man Barol, wiping off his sweat. He had gone straight home after scolding me in the morning but it seems like he has brought a new customer.


“This, is a customer from my place but he came in with a very rare request. I thought you might be able to do it so I brought him here.”


The man who was rudely introduced as ‘this’, was a short, thin man with a big bag on his back. From the scars all over his body, I can tell that he is usually in dangerous places. He also seems very quick and nimble from the way he carries himself.


“I usually buy swords from Mr. Barol’s place so I went to him today, as well, with a bit of a difficult job. And then, he brought me here, saying that he knows one blacksmith who would be able to perform difficult task. Ah, my name is Voltaire. I am an adventurer.”


Rather than being an adventurer, it feels like he is an explorer from the size of his bag. Mr. Voltaire’s glittering eyes also backed that impression.

‘I will go see stuff I have never seen before!’-seems like he would say something like that on a daily basis.


“Nice to meet you, adventurer Voltaire. I am the blacksmith, Kururi. I work in this shop.”


I pointed at the shop behind the pig and raccoon statue. This is my castle.


“It’s a wonderful shop. Can we dive straight into talking about the job?”


“For now, let’s go inside.”


He’s quiet impatient. Or rather, he’s probably the kind of guy who has no interest in things other than his job. Even the ‘it’s a wonderful shop’ was probably just flattery. No one would call a shop with a pig and racoon statue in entrance wonderful! It should be called strange.

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“So about the job.”


After welcoming him into the reception room of the shop, he sat down and started talking. But Eli came in with tea so he stopped to take a sip and then started talking immediately after.


“Thank you for the delicious tea. About the job, I want you to make a new kind of sword for me. There’s this dragon called the Life Dragon and there’s a crystal on its back and I want to swing a sword which uses that crystal! I had lost all hope when Mr. Barol said it was impossible. But then he brought me here saying that he might know someone who can do it! Please accept this job!”


Due to his weird momentum and the feeling that it might turn out to be quite a big job, I was perplexed. When I looked at old man Barol, he had an expression which basically said ‘I leave it to you’.


“Life Dragon? I don’t really know about it well but can you actually retrieve that crystal?”




“Is it something of high quality?”

“Of course!”


“Then where is the need for Mr. Barol to reject? It seems like an amazing job and a blessing to a blacksmith.”


I think one should always take on unknown jobs. On top of it being fun, it also leads to one’s skills improving. I thrusted the obvious question at old man Barol.


“Hmm, it’s because it will be a sword unlike a sword.”


What is with that cool-sounding sword?


“This guy, he got excited and left out quite a lot of details. The Life Dragon are a very rare species. And it was him, Voltaire, who found out that the scales on its back are crystals. That in itself is a very big achievement. But”

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“That crystal is completely useless. It can’t be used as a material to make a sword. You can’t process it. If you try, the crystal will die.”


The crystal will die? Are we talking spiritually or something?

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