Bots 109

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“Whew, that was a great experience. Well then, I will give you back your sword. And I will be leaving then. I will be counting on you the next time too.”


Mr. Voltaire handed over the sword to me, bowed and was about to leave the shop.


“Wait a minute! What about the sword?! Don’t you want it?!”

“No. I generally can’t use a sword. I am pretty sure I said I would like to swing it once when requesting the job…”


No, really, is just one swing enough for you?!!


“Well then, I shall leave now.”


Ehh, he really went up and left.


“What do we do, about this?”


I looked at the Life Dragon sword in my hand.


“I guess we will have the cow hold it…”




I was smacked by both Eli and old man Barol.

‘Voltaire is an idiot but you’re not any better!’–they also said.


“You went to all the trouble for it. How about using it as your own?”


“Hmm, I guess that is true.”


I decided to take Eli’s suggestion. It is certainly true that this living sword might show interesting changes as I keep using it.

And like this, the Life Dragon sword became mine.


The sun had completely set outside and old man Barol also started getting ready, saying he should leave now.

I expressed my gratitude to him for looking after the shop the whole day. I should also properly thank him someday.


“Oops, I almost forgot to tell you something you important. The doctor came today.”


“Doctor? That one?”


“Yep. He bought a sword in instalment. He liked it so he might visit the shop sometime soon. Although looks like you were out of luck today.”


“Seems so. Mr. Barol, thank you for today. Please be careful on your way back.”


“Yeah, I will be back again tomorrow.”


After seeing off old man Barol, Eli and I started to prepare to close the shop. All things considered, it was quite a hectic day. Eli also seems to have done a good job at reducing the price of the cow statue. We both had our harvest for the day, so all’s well.


While I was thinking that, I felt a presence outside the shop.

Seems like they are standing still near the entrance. Are they looking at the sign? No, they are probably looking at the pig and raccoon statues. I didn’t want a slip in customer at this time. Especially after such a tiring day.

Translations by AsianHobbyist Website


But my wish didn’t come true and that customer pushed open the door.

It’s the last one today. I guess I will do my best and deal with him.


“”Welcome to ‘Eli and Kururi’s Blacksmith’.””


Eli and I said energetically.

One man came in. He looked quite good. I guess he is the type of men they call ‘splendidly handsome’. He only had simple items with him and had the traveller atmosphere around him. He looked to be of the same age as us.


“Eli and Kururi’s blacksmi…… wha…”

The customer froze the moment he entered. His eyes opened wide as he looked at Eli and I interchangeably. Over and over.

It didn’t seem like he fell in love with a sword or something as Eli and I were directly looking straight at him.


“Kururi…?! Ms. Eliza……?!”

Well, who exactly is this person that knows my name? Although he mistook Eli’s name a bit.

I looked at Eli and asked ‘who?’ with my gaze. To which she faltered a bit, probably saying ‘I don’t know!’.


“Ahh, are you perhaps the owner of the greengrocer shop? The tomato was delicious. This is my shop.”


“No, that’s not it. It’s me, me. Rail Rain!!”

Rail Rain? Hmm, feels like I heard it somewhere.


“Hey, it’s the doctor. You know, the one travelling.”


“Ah, him.”


Looks like Eli remembered. So it’s also him who came to the shop today to buy a sword. Is he perhaps here to return it?! Please don’t!!


“That not it! Well, I am a doctor but, why are you recognizing me like that?! It’s me, your friend Rail! Where exactly have you been these past 3 years?”


“Mm? Here…… right, Eli?”


“Yes, that’s true but…”


“What are you being so nonchalant about?! Eh, why are you so calm?! Am I the weird one here?! Hey, am I the weird one? No, this is the normal reaction!!”

What happened to this person? He seems to be quite tensed. It seems like he knows us somehow but I can’t really follow.


“…..Eli, prepare some tea. Do we have the sedative kinda ones?”

Translations by AsianHobbyist Website

“Right, that seems like a good idea. But we don’t have the sedative kinda ones.”


“No, no, no, no! I am completely sane!”


“Customer, please come to the back for now. Which would you like, black tea or green tea?”


“……Black tea! Change of plans! Now that it has come to this, I will stay here longer if needed so, if possible, I would like something to eat as well!”


He seems to have gotten better. This guy declared he would stay long… Eh, that’s really bothersome. What a weird customer after such a tiring day.

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