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“I understand. Not only Gap company, I will establish a station at every territory. I also plan on giving that profit to that landlord. If it’s someone like you, who understands quick, they will be ready to invest quite a lot, right?”


“I feel like that would decrease Helan territory’s profit. At the very least, you should have the station at the capital.”


“Hmm, I am Helan person, you see. I feel like the capital’s station would be beyond my control. If so, then I would feel refreshed if a trustworthy person has it. It’s fine, I am expecting Helan territory’s profit as well and it’s not good to profit too much either.”


“I think you very well deserve to have that vast profit once you finish this magic train project, though…… But, if you’re saying you will give it to me, then I will take it. In turn, the Gap company will invest all of its assets on you. I promise now that we will support you all-out until its completion.”


“Thank you. I will be counting on you.”


We both stood up and shook each others hands more strongly than the time we had met again.




“For now, go after you have experienced the hot springs. Did you experience Helan territory’s hot springs before?”


“No, I haven’t. I was invited by you once but I had to decline ‘cause I needed to take care of my medicinal plants. It’s the famous Helan hot springs. I am looking forward to it.”


“I shall prepare the best one for you. Perhaps even the one behind the mansion will do. It’s a bit narrow and the foothold is a bit dangerous but it’s quite good.”


“I see, then maybe I will enter that one. Ah, right. About my employees, there were a lotta carriages, right? The funds I prepared and the medicinal plants we plan on selling here are in there. With your permission, I would like to start selling them right away.”


“You also brought medicinal plants?! That’s the best I could ask for. It’s the Gap company’s medicinal plants, right? Everyone desperately wants it. Wait a bit, I will ready the permit right away.”


I slid my pen onto paper nearby and stamped the Helan family’s seal on it and issued the permit.


‘It is OK to sell medicinal plants. -Kururi Helan’




For some reason, Toto looked a bit lost when I handed it over to him.


“Uh, will this do?”


“Yeah, we get most things done like that. For some reason everyone recognizes my handwriting and there’s the seal too so it can be trusted.”


“I-I see…… Your land is pretty well done but, how do I say this……… well, I guess it’s fine.”


“It’s more than enough as long as you have a place. I will have the funds carried over to the mansion immediately.”


Toto and I quickly decided on the plans here on out and decided to look at that other letter.



It is the moment prince Arch’s violence will be proven, showing how he sent these criminals at me. I am sure he just wants to force these troublesomes criminal group on to me.


“Well then, let’s read the letter.”


I felt somewhat anxious alone so I had Toto accompany me as well.


[Yo, Kururi, have you been doing well? I am doing great. The weather is great here at the capital and so I also feel great. Hm? What is that? You have no interest in such talk? I should get to the point? Fuhahaha, I refuse! I can easily tell that you’re dying to know quickly. And so I will tease you more!

………Ahem, well, you might end up tearing up the letter if I go too far so I shall get to the point.]


This guy is really irritating me! And now there’s a crack in the letter.


[The group I sent to you are the group who were in custody at capital’s large prison. Ever since they got to know that you’re alive, there was almost a small uprising. It was quite unmanageable. It’s already tough here at the capital. I don’t want to increase it more. And so I will leave these guys to you. When I told them that you want them in your Helan territory, they were overjoyed. Well then, I will leave them to you. I am counting on you to properly tame them like you did when you were in prison.]


………It really was just getting rid of a nuisance, huh? He ended up sending unmanageable prisoners of the capital here…… Does he think he’s helping with the magic train personnel supplement? It is true that they might come in handy for the manual labor.

But even then, I need to confirm something first.



“Toto, am I a criminal?”


“Eeh? No, I don’t know……”


“Considering this letter’s contents, it seems I was also in the capital prison. It would be great if this was just nonsense.”


“Ahh! Right, before you disappeared, I am pretty sure you were captured at the capital. I wonder if it’s that.”


So it’s not nonsense?!

It seems I was actually arrested.

What about the charges?!  What were the charges?!!



For now, I tore up the letter.


“Are you OK with that?!”

Toto was surprised but this is fine. While I was at it, I incinerated it with magic. It turned to ash and disappeared.

I want to delete it from my memory, even if it’s for today. I will be commanding those guys from tomorrow. I want to forget all about it, at least for today.


“Toto, once the arrangements for the Gap company is over, let’s forget about the letter and head to the hot springs.”


“I mean, I am fine if you’re fine with that but can you really forget it?”


I will forget about it at any cost.


“Let’s go!”


“Helan’s hot springs, eh? Sure looking forward to it. I only have the memories of you making me drink hot water and upsetting my stomach but I will finally be able to feel the real hot spring, eh?”


The ‘me’ before I lost my memories, what were you doing?

Being put into prison kinda feels like the truth too, now.

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