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Botsuraku 131


The talk with Toto ended without any problem and he also became a member of the project.

The next day, Toto went out with his employees to sell medicinal plants.

As I was left behind, I faced the criminal group who were lined up in front of the mansion.


Every one of them seems to be more pumped up than yesterday.

They also look well nourished now that Mr. Lotson gave them good food.

Seems they will be able to work well.


“Kururi boss, I have something to say as the representative of the group.”


As I looked into his eyes, the guy who called out to me yesterday came forward.


“I am their representative, Jangu.”


Feels like a name made by mixing gang and junk. ‘Well, that does kinda feel like him’–was the rude thought that came up in my mind.


“We have heard it from prince Arch. Even though Helan territory doesn’t have much leeway right now, boss Kururi couldn’t bear letting us rot in that prison and so forcibly called us over. Uuuuuu, even though that in itself was more than enough, you called us over even though it would mean the royal family would keep an eye on you… thank you very much!!”


“””Thank you very much!!!”””


Following Jangu, everyone behind him also lowered their heads.

These guys seem like they don’t really know much about manners but they do have quite good discipline. Who knows who disciplined them……


Either way, it seems that they might turn out to be more capable than I had expected.

Thanks to prince Arch’s convenient words, it seems these guys are feeling quite indebted and have become obedient.

Besides, there were also quite a few among them who looked at me with fear. Exactly what did I do inside the prison? I get the shivers just by imagining.


“We were moved by your spirit. It was the same inside the prison–you are the only person who treated us like humans and instructed us on how to properly lead our lives. Uptil now, and from now on as well–we swear an oath of allegiance to you. Please, feel free to use our lives as you please.”


“Then, if I tell you to die, will you be able to die?”


“””Of course!!”””


I got carried away and asked something out of place but was greeted with a more out of place answer.

Good gracious, I had assumed that the prince pushed over something very unruly to me but it’s nothing like that. They seem quite useful.


“First, I want to find out how useful you guys can be. Follow me, I will give you work.”


Even though the first thing I am telling them to do is work, they showed no signs of hesitation. Rather, they seemed more pumped up about being able to work.


I took them to the mine where we found a large amount of magic rocks the other day.

We did have enough people here but due to the construction of the magic train and the Dragon’s Spine progressing too quick, they asked for more personnel there.

And so these guys came just in time.


“I will have you guys carry the magic rocks from here. Once you start getting used to it, I will start giving you new jobs so make sure to go around observing others work.”




In accordance with their lively response and serious attitude, they worked diligently.

They carried like 1.5 times more than the average worker here. I guess it’s only natural since their physique is way bigger and a lot of them are burly as well.

As fatigue leads to injuries in this work field, the workers generally take a lot of breaks but they were hesitant when it came to taking a break.

Although this kind of work normally exhausts the general public, they were barely tired and couldn’t hold in their want to work more. There were a lot of them who gave up break time as well.


Even in the afternoon, their pace didn’t slow down. In fact, they were getting used to it and some of them had even higher pace than before.

The work progressed smoothly. Their faces were filled with happiness from being able to work.

However, there were some small problems here and there.

As the difference between the pace of the criminal group and the other workers increased, some expressed their discontent.

Yep, I now understand that I can’t put these people in the same tank. Good thing I realized it in a single day.

By the end of the day, we were able to get the required amount of magic rocks. All thanks to the criminal group. No, I should stop calling them that now. I should give them a new name.


That night, I had them make a temporary tent beside the mansion to say. I don’t plan on letting them stay in the inn forever as guests.

However, I do plan on properly remunerating them for their work.


I gave them food and what they all probably wanted, alcohol.

I also decided to go their tent and have dinner together today.


“You all worked really hard today. If you guys keep working diligently like this, I should be able to officially welcome you guys as Helan citizens soon.”


They held their drinks and listened to me carefully.


“If you work well, I can also give you houses. You can stock up property and even have your own family. How about it? Do you guys feel like working like this in Helan territory from now on as well?”


“We had planned on that from the beginning, sir!”


Someone said that out loud and the others followed as well, saying similar things.


“I see…… I had a thought after seeing you guys today. You guys are dumb. And you are lacking compassion. On top of that, you guys don’t exactly have the appearance to be liked by people. Even though you worked really hard throughout the day, did the citizens look at you favourably? No, as I see it, they probably think of you lot as a bother.”


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