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Botsuraku Yotei Chapter 5 Volume 5


“Boss! Please don’t go! What are we going to do without you!” “Boss!” “Please, boss!” “Say something! Boss!”

I was to be released from prison in order to stand trial and this resulted in them crying all over me. I had no idea that I would become so popular in this underground place…



“There is something I need to fight for up there. …if I lose, I’ll just come back here.”

“Then lose!” “Boss, lose!” “Lose for our sake!”

What are you saying! You guys are making this very hard for me.

But, to be sure, living here was not that bad at all. I wouldn’t live here forever, but visiting once in a while would be fine.



“I can’t lose. It’s not just about me, it will affect a lot of people that are important to me. That’s why I have to fight, and I have to win. I have a fondness for this place…but I still have to go.

“Boss…you’re dealing with a lot out there, huh. You really are amazing. I suppose if that’s the case, we shouldn’t bother you anymore… Please go! Go and protect what is really important to you.”

“I’m sorry. Please use the plans I created. And now, I leave!”

And under the fond gazes of the prisoners -to be a little dramatic-, I took the elevator back up to the surface. The atmosphere was very different from when I first arrived. The filthy, death-like Kudan prison was gone, it had now changed into a proper, lively place. You could see it clearly from above.



“Boss, we’ve made a clean sweep of the prison to find all that are corrupt. We’ll be sure to make a report when we get the bigger picture.”

Perhaps it was just me, but from inside of the elevator it sounded like even the guard had called me boss.

Is that why his expression was always so serious?



“Good, examine it carefully. I expect a full report from you.”

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“Yes! I’ll do just as you say.”

At some point in time, I had become the boss of this entire prison… It was as if the frog inside of the well caused the well to overflow and affect even the outside world. Perhaps I am a man of ability after all.

The elevator finally reached the surface with a loud bang and a shudder.

On the surface, the guards were standing in a straight line, and they were all were saluting me.

“Boss, we’ve all gathered here in order to see you off.”

Eh? Really? When did this become a thing?

“…Very well. Continue to do your best. And, even gradually, have more interactions with the prisoners down there. Yes, I think that’s good.”

“Yes! As you say!”

I passed the line of standing guards and went towards the carriage further on. They had called a carriage for me…I had no idea what was going on when I first came here, but now I feel a little sad at having to leave. Bye bye, Kudan prison.



“Boss! We await your return!”

At the end they all raised their voice and cheered for me.

…in other words, I should get arrested again? I don’t know about…that?



“You…what exactly is happening here?”

I entered into the carriage and saw Prince Arch and Iris, who appeared to have been hiding.

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They were probably worried and came to see me. I have such good friends.

“My concern was wasted on you! I heard cheering echoing from underground, and you’ve tamed the guards, what have you been doing here!? Were you not arrested?”

“I was, but it was nothing, as everyone was so nice. I even got a sofa.”

“Is that so? This is an unexpectedly honest place then. What did they mean by boss? It seemed like they were talking about you…”