Botsuraku Youtei Volume 4 Chapter 9

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Let’s see, a classic song from Smallville. Somebody save me…from Alyssa Milano haha

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I made a blunder so this is going to be chapter 9 instead of chapter 10 and a double release. I thought a chapter was skipped but I missed the chapter 9 file. So enjoy the double release


Botsuraku Youtei Nanode, Kajishokunin wo Mezasu

Vol. 4 Chapter 9


“Oh, will you be at it today?”


It is troubling if you say it like you are in a familiar pub or something….

At the dining hall, I met Jeremy-senpai who came with a job request the other day.


It has been quite a while since then… which reminds me, I did not get to ask how his brother’s love life is going.

It would be nice if my sword was of some assistance to it.


“Yes, I will probably be at it.”


I replied assuming that he was asking about the smithing.

I guess it might be because he was with his classmates so he just left saying “Then I will pay a visit later tonight.”


He is a person of integrity, thus, just as the sun had sunk and it became darker, Jeremy-senpai came by.

He was wearing this grin and his cheeks were red.

Judging from the bad breath, he was probably drunk.


It is a taboo to have alcohol inside the school grounds but I guess there are loopholes once you become an upperclassman.


“Senpai, you have been drinking quite a bit, haven’t you?”


“Ehehe, you can tell? Today is special so let’s leave it at that.”


I really do not know what’s so special but, he does not seem to be the bothersome drunkard so he will probably not do anything.


“Alright~ I am coming in.”

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