Bringing Along A Ball and Hiding From Foreign Devils

Chapter 24 – Inclination

Ren Zhouyuan didn’t eat much at dinner, and he was pissed off when he reached home.


What did the man mean with what he said at last? Was he questioning his way of parenting! What a joke! Who did he think he was? An education guru? If he knew so much, then why hadn’t he become a teacher already?


He was so angry that he’s almost fuming. He hadn’t recalled at all that he once secretly praised Leonid being an excellent educator.


When Ren Zhouyuan got home, he saw that An An was playing with the components that Leonid brought earlier. He was turning them into all sorts of things, then removed them again. Ren Zhouyuan didn’t feel quite right.


He was pregnant for ten months before giving birth. Then his son turned out not looking like him, and his hobbies weren’t similar to his. Before, he used to read quietly next to him, and now he’s simply focused on these useless components.


He reached out and poked An An’s face, and An An didn’t even look back. When Ren Zhouyuan thought about it, he was feeling increasingly frustrated, he asked An An childishly, “An An, do you like foreigners?”


An An almost answered subconsciously without raising his head, “An An hates foreigners the most.”


Hearing him saying that, Ren Zhouyuan nodded with satisfaction. Then he got up for a shower.


Leonid seemed to intend to turn his promise into reality. He hadn’t given up just because Ren Zhouyuan said that he’s got someone in his mind. In his eyes, An An was his son, and Ren Zhouyuan was someone that should bring him up. Naturally, they were a family. As for the “good friend” that appeared suddenly, he really couldn’t care less.


When he returned, he asked for advice from his brother, and he made some strategic adjustments according to the present situation. When he saw Ren Zhouyuan again at work, he had a 180-degree change in his attitude. Ren Zhouyuan almost thought that he’d changed his core.


Just like now, Leonid was holding his Ipad and asked him casually, “which frames do you prefer?”



Ren Zhouyuan looked at him strangely for a long time, and finally sighed helplessly and picked one type casually.


A situation like this has happened many times that morning. From sofas, carpets, bedsheets, to curtains, pillows and towels, Leonid asked his opinion almost every ten minutes. Ren Zhouyuan found it amusing at first, but he soon realized his intentions.


He was a little bit dumbfounded. What a trick that worked meticulously. What was he thinking about, since he made it look like they two were living together?


When Leonid asked him again, Ren Zhouyuan was finally pissed off. He knocked on the computer screen and told him with a poker face, “boss, I have to hand in this document before the end of the day, and I haven’t even finished the first draft. Can you please do what you’re supposed to do at your seat? I’m very busy.”


Leonid was going to hand him his Ipad, and he instantly paused. Then, his facial expression faded, “oh, that’s not urgent, you can hand it in next week.” Then, he handed him the Ipad again, “this is more urgent, and I have no mood to work if I don’t choose it. This is a serious matter too, so deal with this first.”


Ren Zhouyuan was so pissed. He thought, wouldn’t everyone else know that they were meddling private matters with work? However, Leonid had no intention to let him go. Seeing that Ren Zhouyuan wasn’t getting the Ipad, he kept the same action. Ren Zhouyuan couldn’t do anything else except to pick it for Leonid. He also ended up choosing a few ugly yellowish pillow covers for him, and didn’t miss the impressive facial expressions of Leonid. Then, he realized that Leonid didn’t agree, and he was also considered as someone who had a bad taste.


Leonid changed his ways to tell Ren Zhouyuan that he’s working hard to prepare for a “family”. Although Ren Zhouyuan was feeling helpless, he had to admit that he’s already becoming less and less tough on this matter.


The word “future” seemed too far ahead, but the word “family” looked very real to him. He only had to reach his hand to take this long-awaited thing and put it in his pocket.


Ren Zhouyuan was looking at An An every day at home, and while at work, he also saw a similar face being in front of him all the time. His mind was changing more and more. In the end, he couldn’t hold it anymore. When An An was almost asleep, he asked him something.


After thinking for a long time, he still didn’t know how to start. Then, he suddenly thought of Leonid accusing him about his way of education, “An An, can you tell me what you’ve learned in kindergarten?”


An An was in the arms of Ren Zhouyuan and muttered something.


Ren Zhouyuan held An An’s chin and raised his head, then made An An repeat. This time, he understood it. This little guy wasn’t making any sense, as he wasn’t even paying attention in class.


He changed his method and asked again, “then, An An, tell dad about the stuff that you’ve been playing with lately. What are they used for?”


This time, An An’s eyes were flashing. He let go of Ren Zhouyuan’s hands and explained to him bit by bit, as if Ren Zhouyuan was his student. He even started explaining how the mechanics work!


While Ren Zhouyuan was listening, his face was almost twisting. He thought to himself, Leonid, this is your son indeed, see how your Vichy has brought your son up!


He tried to explain to An An with patience. He thought that if he didn’t interrupt An An, he could go on for a while night, “okay, Dad knows.” He pinched An An’s face, “does An An still love Daddy? How come Daddy now thinks that you just love those little models now.”


An An turned and hugged Ren Zhouyuan. He buried his head in his arms, “An An loves Daddy the most!”


Ren Zhouyuan’s heart moved and asked, “Oh? Then…if An An’s ‘another’ Daddy appears, then will An An still love your Daddy as much?”


When An An was listening, he looked at Ren Zhouyuan in his arms, “isn’t Daddy An An’s Daddy? Who’s another Daddy?” After he said so, he looked at Ren Zhouyuan cautiously, “are you talking about uncle Wenfeng?”


Ren Zhouyuan was sweating. How come this is related to Fan Wenfeng again? He used his index finger to poke An An’s forehead, “little bad guy, what are you thinking all day?” He cleared his throat and subconsciously covered his embarrassment, “what Daddy was saying is, another father of An An, a real father.”


He emphasized it on purpose, unexpectedly, An An still looked confused, “isn’t Daddy An An’s Daddy?”


Ren Zhouyuan became a little anxious, as he didn’t want to admit that he’s actually the “mother”, but right now, both of them were completely confused, so the only thing he could do was to try explaining again.


After An An listened to him, he still didn’t get it, “daddy is mommy, and mommy is daddy, so daddy is mommy and daddy, and so An An doesn’t have another daddy.”


Ren Zhouyuan, “…”


He finally knew what it means by throwing a stone on your own feet.


Ren Zhouyuan explained it all over again. This time, he explained some science to An An. While he felt embarrassed, he tried to explain to An An how the two sexes work. Never had he thought that he had to do so.


“So, technically, An An’s ‘mother’ is me. Aside from ‘Daddy’, An An still has another Daddy.” While he was explaining, he was pointing with his fingers, hoping that his son could understand.


An An frowned and listened to him. After he finished, he moved his body a bit toward Ren Zhouyuan, and he held him with his arms and legs. When Ren Zhouyuan didn’t understand what it meant, An An told him childishly, “Daddy is mine, An An doesn’t want another daddy.”


Ren Zhouyuan was shocked, but he quickly reacted and held An An tightly. He also kissed his forehead.


He was feeling complicated, he was touched and a bit sad at the same time. An An was indeed declaring his authority. He didn’t know who this “another daddy” was, but in his own small world, Ren Zhouyuan was his everything. Therefore, when “another daddy” was going to show up, he was worried to be taken away, and that’s why he was hugging Ren Zhouyuan so tightly and lovingly.


If it happened earlier, Ren Zhouyuan might answer without hesitation, “An An is also daddy’s, and daddy doesn’t want anyone else.” But after this period, he found it difficult to utter these words.


His An An is really not a sociable kid.


To make himself admit this fact would be much more complicated than acknowledging that he had a miserable life. Although he didn’t have any child-raising experience, he was learning every day to be a good father. He’s learning how to keep his boy healthy and happy, also to keep him away from the bad experiences that he once went through.


Perhaps, as Leonid had said, there’s really something wrong with his education.


He would use his way to provide everything to his son. As long as his son seemed happy, he wouldn’t perceive it as an issue.


But, in reality, An An has created a world to himself. In this world, he’s pleased and satisfied, but once he steps out of it, he’s immediately full of panic. He’d also retreat quickly and return to his world.


Ren Zhouyuan thought of himself as a child, when he had to live every day with fear and worries. He was always worried about being looked down, or having to lose everything. Did he want to make An An experience these feelings?

He felt like the balance in his heart was getting more and more inclined every day. Just before he could realize it, it was already more inclined to the future that someone was trying to create.


After entering Vichy for the first time, there have been changes in An An’s world. Bit by bit, Ren Zhouyuan started to believe that, under the guidance of that man, perhaps he and An An would be brave enough to step out of their comfort zone.

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