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Bringing along a ball and hiding from foreign devils

Chapter 26 – Moving In


Ren Zhouyuan and An An were sitting in the car. The driver in front was driving carefully. It seemed that he had no intention to talk to them. The atmosphere inside the car almost seemed to solidify, and every second passed very slowly.


An An moved his bottom, and he got close to Ren Zhouyuan a bit uncomfortably. Then, he got out of Ren Zhouyuan’s arm and asked his dad, “daddy, where are we going?”


Ren Zhouyuan rubbed his head, not sure whether he’s under the influence of the atmosphere or from An An, he also lowered his voice, “we’re going to a new home.”


An An began to worry when he heard it. “Oh, oh, how about our current home? Are we going to stop living here? Then what about school?” He asked a few questions continuously, and he unconsciously turned his volume high as well.


Ren Zhouyuan glanced in the direction of the driver and saw that he was still driving his car without squinting. Then he lowered his head and said to An An, “we are only going to move in a new house, we’re going to stay in the same city. An An is still going to the same school. From now on, daddy will accompany you to Vichy for your class, okay?”

While An An was listening, his small face that was still wrinkled instantly got more relaxed. When he thought of him accompanying him to school, he was so happy that he couldn’t control himself. He was hugging Ren Zhouyuan and cheering about it.


Leonid did not prepare a new house for them. Initially, he had already purchased a property near his company. The new home was not far from the place where Ren Zhouyuan lived. It therefore didn’t take them very long to arrive.


The place where the car stopped was a high-end residential area not far away from the company. In the downtown area, the houses in the community turned out to be apartments for small families. When they got off in front of theirs, Ren Zhouyuan suddenly wanted to retreat.


An An thought that his father was thinking the same. Then, after getting off the car, he was holding Ren Zhoyuan’s leg and wouldn’t let go. He was hiding behind Ren Zhouyuan and looking around. Seeing how he acted, Ren Zhouyuan shook his head, summoned his courage and continued walking.


They didn’t cancel the lease contract with the original apartment. For the move, Ren Zhouyuan only packed some clothes for change for himself and An An. The driver carried their luggages and showed them the way, and the two followed behind. After getting inside, the driver put the luggages in front of the apartment, bowed and left.

The house was huge, and it’s the first impression of Ren Zhouyuan. The whole house was a two-storey duplex. The spacious hall had a wide view and was furnished in an European style. Although it was so big, not all space had been used, Ren Zhouyuan felt being “home”, and it didn’t make him want to retreat like he first thought.


He took An An’s hand and walked inside, like two squirrels entering a vast forest. When they reached the center of the living room, they were a bit overwhelmed and they didn’t know what to do.


After Leonard heard Ren Zhouyuan, he ran out with panic, and with a few big steps, he reached in front of Ren Zhouyuan. He used his arms to support his body and leaned forward. Then, he asked with his eyes widely open, “what did you just mean? What do you mean by you gave birth to him?”


Ren Zhouyuan raised his head and shrugged, “what I meant literally.”


Leonid was a little bit stunned again. All of a sudden, and for the first time, he made a “O” expression. After a few seconds, he heard his own voice again and he pointed to himself, “ours? Mine, and you gave birth to him?”

Ren Zhouyuan saw that he looked a little funny, and he repeated it patiently, “mine, it’s ours. I gave birth to him.”

“How did you do it?” When he heard it, Leonid’s voice raised, and his face also twitched. Although it’d be a nice thing if An An was their common child, when the whole incident was in front of him, he was so confused. It’s like Ren Zhouyuan wasn’t speaking human language at all, and Leonid had to confirm it over and over again.


Ren Zhouyuan’s facial expression became more serious, and before he answered, he had to look around, “well, just like that.” He looked at Leonid impatiently, “what about it? Haven’t you seen a man giving birth before? And do you find it weird? If you do, you might as well leave us alone. You can still regret now.”


Ren Zhouyuan had not considered this issue before, and now, when he saw how Leonid reacted, he suddenly thought of this. At that moment, he had some confusion in his mind, but he was trying very hard to suppress that feeling.


Leonid suddenly snorted, and although he had never seen a man giving birth a baby, and he found it very weird, it’s impossible for him to regret now. The  development of this incident became much better than he had expected. No, it is simply the perfect start of everything. He wanted to provoke Ren Zhouyuan and he wanted to control this pair of father and son. Before, he still had to consider many things, but after knowing this, there’s no way for him to let go.

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