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Merry Christmas

Chapter 32 Exposure

By the time he arrived at the scene, almost all the people from the company had come, and before he got to the front door, he saw some executives standing there to greet the guests.


Ren Zhouyuan was disturbed all the way and when he saw this, his anxiety grew stronger. He leaned forward and whispered in Leonid’s ear, and Leonid glanced at him with a raised eyebrow but said nothing, then turning the steering wheel backhand, he drove the car into the underground garage.


Ren Zhouyuan has been thinking about how to explain to An An and what excuses should he use to escape from Leonid. However, the moment the door of the elevator they were on opened, he subconsciously put An An into Leonid’s arms.


An An stared at him with eyes wide open in surprise, which made Ren Zhouyuan’s scalp numb, but he finally kissed her and said:” Dad is going to work.”Then he turned around and slipped away.


Ren Zhouyuan sat on the small sofa hiding in the corner, and saw An An looking away uneasily from the distance, a little unbearable in his heart. Just as he was hesitating whether to go forward and placate her, he saw Leonid raise his hand and touch An An ‘s head.


An An looked up at Leonid, and the two little hands clenched his legs. There is a wonder that what Leonid said to An An, which made originally a face of little poor immediately puffed up steamed stuffed bun face and scowled at Leonid.


Ren Zhouyuan guessed that Leonid probably provoked An An, although still a little nervous, but did not panic at first. So Ren Zhouyuan sat down again, staring silently.


Leonid and An An met many people, as it is a thank-you meeting, the guests invited today are all school leaders and senior government officials who have cooperation in the past, as well as a small number of suppliers. When they first saw An An standing beside Leonid, they all looked surprised. But soon they reacted and came forward to greet her.


Everyone who has cooperated in the past knows that Leonid does not speak Chinese. In the past, Ron would act as an interpreter beside him. Today, Ron is not there, so some people want to come forward and talk with crappy English, but they did not expect Leonid to speak Chinese to them!


Leonid’s Chinese is still in the beginner’s stage, can speak a few commonly used, but the other slightly complicated ones will not be understood. His face, however, was as cold as an iceberg when it came to outsiders, and these partners, who had been gushing with emotion, began to notice it after a few words. But they couldn’t take it back after they started talking, so could only awkwardly continue to talk.


Leonid glanced at An An and gave him a look, and An An sighed like an adult, rolled his eyes. But he also remembered what Dad had said–he can’t say Leonid stupid outside, so he can only hide these words in his heart and said hello to the uncles who came to talk.


An An is handsome, and today Ren Zhouyuan specially dressed him up, with the same hairstyle as Leonid, plus their already similar faces. It made those people curious about him from the moment they saw him. It was just that Leonid did not seem to have the idea of introducing the child, and they dared not make a fuss of the child.


But watched the two interact, especially as the child speaks fluent mandarin, the men’s eyes lit up and they started talking to the child. They may feel that familiar language made them feel secure.


An An hid behind Leonid at first, then stood next door to him, and finally holding his hand and greeting to these uncles. The rapid growth in just a few hours made Ren Zhouyuan feel so mixed.


In the past, he cultivated An An in a way that he thought was good for An An, but he was introverted and had been accustomed to it for so many years, so he didn’t realize that his son had become as dumb as himself and was not good at communicating with strangers.


He also worried that An An ‘s personality might be deviated, but when he saw that An An would also be cheerful and naughty in front of him, he became accustomed over time and did not find that his education method was out of order.


However, since living with Leonid, An An ‘s childish side was inspired by Leonid, and now seeing An An can speak to strangers with such confidence, Ren Zhouyuan’s feelings must be said to be very mixed.


But he was gratified more than disappointed.


He would not refuse everything that is good for An An. If he had held some views on cohabitation with Leonid, and now he has seen Leonid’s influence on An An, these remaining thoughts have been worn away.


Ren Zhouyuan watched An An deal with people of different identities behind Leonid, and his worry at the beginning gradually turned into a mood for watching a good show later.


An An ‘s expression became richer and richer, and at first he was a little nervous, then, just as he had done at home, his face was full of helplessness. It was like complaining about how Leonid was so stupid, but she had to try not to show it.




Suddenly from the Ren Zhouyuan side spread a say hello, he froze a moment and when he turned his head to confirm who it is, his face immediately sank.


“It’s really you.” The man laughed but immediately seemed to think of something, coughed awkwardly, nodded to Ren Zhouyuan and said: “Long time no see, you …do you recognize me? ”


How could Ren Zhouyuan not recognize him? He never forgot everyone on the team in the past.


The man who came was a member of the archaeology team, named Gu Jie. Ironically, this man is the youngest in the archaeological team besides Ren Zhouyuan, and he is five years older than Ren Zhouyuan. At that time, because the two men were of similar age, Ren Zhouyuan had the best relationship with him in the whole archaeological team. But when An An was found in that room, this man was actually among the scholars.


Ren Zhouyuan nodded, he could not turn a blind eye to him, but he really had nothing to say to him.


The atmosphere between the two is delicate. Gu Jie is now also a professor in the university. He is always highly respected by students and other teachers, but this time he has a hard face and a few pleasantries with Ren Zhouyuan. But this time he had a few words with Ren Zhouyuan in disregard of face.


Ren Zhouyuan felt that this scene was a bit ridiculous, because their relationship was not to the extent that they need to meet and say hello,not to mention the deliberate rapport.


Ren Zhouyuan thought it was just a simple acquaintance to meet, but Gu Jie didn’t seem to want to end the conversation. Ren Zhou endured for a while and said to him impatiently, “Gu Jie, what can you say straight? There is no need for such meaningless pleasantries, and if I remember correctly, our relationship is not that good. ”


Gu Jie blushed after hearing this, and his expression was a little uncomfortable. He pursed his lips, hesitated and said: “We are sorry about the past. Although it has been so long, I think we still owe you and your son an apology.”


Ren Zhouyuan’s expression was too cold and he couldn’t tell how he was feeling now. He had been waiting for this apology for many years and thought he no longer cared about the past, but when he heard the words, it seemed that the knot in his heart was finally untied at this moment.


“Regardless of me, or Professor Lu and Dr. Yang, everyone has deeply reflected on their behavior after you quit. I know that the harm caused by those words to you will not be healed in a short time, but anyway, I say sorry to you on behalf of everyone. ”


Ren Zhouyuan looked at him with mixed feelings. They owed him this apology, and he deserved it. But he didn’t know what kind of expression he should show now when he was apologized so solemnly.


But Gu Jie obviously came here today for more than one thing. After a while, he said: “Where are you working now?”


Ren Zhouyuan picked his eyebrows and did not answer.


Gu Jie also knew that the problem was a bit abrupt. He scratched his head and said:”If you want to get back to your previous job, well, we still welcome you back.”


As soon as he said it, the atmosphere was more subtle. After a long time, Ren Zhouyuan shook his head and replied: “Now I have a stable job and my life is passable.”


Gu Jie nodded to show that he understood, but his face looked strange. Ren Zhouyuan thought that all he had to say was done, and he was not going to continue to talk to him about these inconsequential words. When he happened to see Leonid looking at him, he wanted to end the topic as soon as possible.


Ren Zhouyuan turned his head and said a few words to Gu Jie. At this time, An An found Ren Zuyuan along Leonid’s line of sight and dragged him to run towards Ren Zhouyuan.


When the two men walked behind Ren Zuyuan, then happened to hear Gu Jie ask anxiously, ” ‘AnYi’ is you, isn’t it? I read that article, and I can’t think of anyone else but you to write an article like that. ”


Leonid did not understand most of the words, but he did understand two words –


“Are you the ‘AnYi’?”

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