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3rd Commemoration SS: Uncommon Report ‘Christmas Ban’

Christmas, a festival for the christians on the previous world.

What was supposed to be a day to celebrate the birth of Christ, became a day where one would be more excited to receive presents from Santa Claus.


Well, it was more or less fine till that point.

The problem is how such a dignified ceremony day became a day which endorsed illicit sexual relationships.

It is beyond my knowledge how it became like that but, when thought about Christmas here, the public image was about two lovers spending a passionate night together.


And at the same time, as that mood filled the whole city, for people who are not in such a relationship end up feeling embarrassed.

For example, if someone doesn’t have a lover but has a good group of friends, they could throw a party and live the day to its fullest but for someone like me who falls at the middle category, that is a dream within a dream.

Pretending not to see the dazzling lights decorated all around the city, I miserably return home hurriedly–that was Christmas for me.


Although, that is only applicable for the previous world.

In the world I am at now, Christianity itself does not exist so there is no way Christmas would.

And as such, I could say this as a light joke to vent up my anger for the previous world while having dinner.


“For this world, I shall ban Christmas.”



——At that very moment, the air froze.




I ended up tilting my head a bit as a result.

I surely thought I would be asked ‘What even is Christmas?’.


But among all of them, Sofia and Amber were clearly angry as they stood up.


“You have quite the guts….”


“Yeah, she sure does….”


The two gods glared at me, releasing a dreadful amount of magic.


“Banning my birthday festival!”


“Banning my birthday festival!”


Ah, they overlapped. I could hear a snapping noise.

After listening to each others words, they stopped glaring at me and started glaring at each other.


“……….What did you say just now?”


“………Whaddya say right now?”


With eerie voices, the two gods ask each other.

The feeling of tension accelerated at a high rate and exploded before long.


“I just said Christmas was my birthday festival.”


“Stop kidding around, it is my birthday festival.”


“It is my birthday festival, don’t come crashing in!”


“You’re the shameless one! Stay out of this!”


“What did you say?!”




The argument kept heating up.

They still had not raised their hands but it was only a matter of time.


But for now, being relieved that the spear head had turned away from me, I asked the others to try and understand the cause of the problem.


“What exactly is Christmas?”






“It’s the Dark God’s birthday.”




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