8th Class Mage translation finishes next month. It took me almost 3 years.Pathetic! Absolutely pathetic.. Not proud at all. There were times when I could not even afford 1 chapter...

I had this movie come to mind a few weeks ago, those were the good times. I haven’t watched a Hollywood movie in a while in which I wasn’t on autopilot. Without further ado, I will add the link to a scene from the movie that explains beautifully the content of Chinese novels. I would do articles like this more often but nah… I will start a dedicated site for that. Also I will be making subtitles starting this month on a new unaffiliated site. I contacted Clover Subs and was supposed to sub episode 7 of Rental no Koi but they ended up subbing it. So I will most likely be doing this: http://www.d-addicts.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=139811

It is easier to produce subtitles of Japanese dramas because you can easily locate Japanese subtitles, hopefully that changes for Chinese dramas in the future… or maybe I might change that.

Wish me Luck!


Scene from Father of the Bride:


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