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Chapter 145


“Your Majesty, speaking of getting married and starting a career, I have something to say!” Chu Nanshan interrupted the argumentation of the younger generation.


Chu Nanshan rarely spoke at important settings like these. This time he had even stood up with a serious expression, drawing everyone’s gaze toward him.


Seeing that Chu Nanshan seemed to have something significant to say, Yu Gonggong waved his hand as a signal to the dancers to depart. Everyone else remained silent as well, waiting for the King of Chu, who had garnered the admiration of three generations of emperors, to report.


Glancing at Chu Pei’s calm look, Yun Qianmeng felt tightness in her heart. Seemed like whatever might happen today would surpass what they had expected beforehand. The unease she had been feeling before was only growing, along with the feeling that things wouldn’t be as easy to resolve as expected.


“Whatever you have to say, please sit down first. You’re not in good health and I don’t wish to tire you.” Completely different from everyone else who was waiting with bated breath, Emperor Yu seemed a lot calmer. He only raised his hand to gesture that Chu Nanshan sit down.


Seeing how much Emperor Yu cared for the King of Chu, everyone couldn’t help but exclaim internally. After all, none could really compare to the Chu family. If anyone else had interrupted the two kings at such an important moment, they would have incited the emperor’s wrath. But Chu Nanshan doing so only earned the emperor’s concern. Clearly this proved how essential he was to the royal family!


Despite what Emperor Yu asked, Chu Nanshan didn’t sink down like a decrepit old man. Instead he stood up straighter and saluted, “Your Majesty, I am already quite advanced in age. In case of unforeseen circumstances, I was planning to give up my position as King of Chu to a son or grandson. I hope that Your Majesty will see fit to approve my request!”


Chu Nanshan spoke slowly, his face calm as a pond with no ripples, but his words were like a bomb to the atmosphere of the room. Most faces were shocked or even fearful, completely confused by why the Chu King would even consider relinquishing his position while still healthy. What kind of noble was willing to abandon his power like that?


Plus, among all the nobles the Chu King’s privileges were the most enviable. After three generations of emperors, he still retained his position as a founding father with privileges and honors the other families couldn’t win even after generations of hard work. And after all that he was prepared to completely abandon the position of king that some only dreamed of. Everyone was shocked beyond belief, unable to understand what he was thinking.


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