Chapter 103 An Uninvited “Guest”


“Next time be sure to visit our territory.”


“Oh, yes. After I finish all my current jobs, I’ll be sure to go.”


“Then we’ll see each other next time.”


After that, I continued my quest for a suitable gift.


Tomorrow we’ll be returning to our land, so I hope I can get something today.


In the end, I bought a handkerchief for Sei and Merida at an accessories store recommended by Letty, and got sweets for everyone else just as we had planned originally.


While we were taking the carriage back, I was immersed in immense satisfaction. But when we arrived at the gates, that person showed up.


“Miss Iris!”


Saying this, that person approached.


Ryle and Dida immediately stood in front of me, protecting me from the person in question.


“Ah, I wished to see you…Miss Iris, would you be able to reward me with your attention for a few words?”


This was a person I was familiar with.


“Sir Van…why are you here…”


The moment I said the name, Ryle and Dida’s sense of danger seemed to heighten.


And Tanya had also chased him away previousl…………Continue Reading

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