Chapter 104 Negotiations




Van’s expression seemed puzzled.


“Yes, benefits. If I cooperate with you, what benefits do I get?”


“Before mentioning benefits, don’t you have any ideals of saving the kingdom when it’s in danger as a noble of the kingdom?”


“Well…you’re saying strange things now. Originally, if you weren’t scheming how to frame me for various crimes, how would you even end up here?”


I started to giggle. Really, I was laughing from the bottom of my heart.


“Also, originally, the chaos didn’t just start today. With their eye on the succession to the throne, nobles split into two parties…no, if you count the neutral ones, perhaps three. With this situation going on for as long as it has, it’s a miracle that this country is still intact.”


Although I don’t know how they managed it, I was thankful to the officials who were responsible for allowing this country to continue functioning.


If the faction wars were more intense than they currently are, it wasn’t difficult to imagine that the lives of people would be even more terrible.


If neighboring countries took advantage of this opportunity to attack us, it wouldn’t be anything unexpected.


And those who prevented.…….Continue Reading Chapter

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