Chapter 112 Something unshakeable


Under the weak light of the oil lamp, I scribbled furiously.


I felt that these few days, I keep hearing the same voice.




After I finished writing, I set the pen in my hand down and stretched. It wasn’t a creaking sound, but something slightly heavier than that, resounding through my body.


The moment my arms extended straight, my body relaxed against the chair, my arms lazily dropping to the chair’s arm. Although it was quite an uncultured way to sit, right now since I was alone it was fine.


In this position where my field of vision had become lower, I picked up the document I had just written and stared at it.


…Yep. Today’s work was finished as well.


Speaking of which…right, thinking of the fact that I hadn’t taken a single step out of this room since I entered it brought a bitter smile to my face.


If Tanya hadn’t reminded me, I probably wouldn’t even have remembered to eat.


When I was concentrating, I had the habit of ignoring everything around me. This was a trait that I shared wi…Continue Reading


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