Chapter 115 Reserved


“Teacher Minae–”


I was in the middle of preparing dinner, but these four children burst into the kitchen.


“It’s dangerous here, children. Didn’t I tell you to tell your teacher before you came in?”




All of them were staring at the floor, looking remorseful. I hurriedly bottled up my anger and stopped what I was working on to face them.


“Is there anything you want from me?”


“Um, Miss Iris is here.”




Their answer scared me, to the point that I couldn’t help but shout. Seeing how unnatural I was acting, the children started to look a bit confused.


“Le–no, Miss Iris is here? Are you sure?”


I needed to hurry and prepare tea…although that was what I wanted to do, we didn’t have any left and there wasn’t enough time to go and buy more. Plus, I had decided that we needed to be more frugal before the next donation came.


“A-all in all, we need to go out and welcome her…”


“Apologies for the disturbance!”


Yep, that was Tanya’s voice. There was nothing else I could do but walk toward the entrance. Although I did not look presentable enough to meet her, it was even more impolite to keep her waiting.


“W-welcome…I…Lady Iris, Miss Tanya.”…………………..Continue Reading



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