Chapter 118 Dean’s soliloquy (Part 2)


Not long after that, we moved from the palace to the queen dowager’s palace.


Even so, Queen Ellia kept sending assassins our way.


I didn’t have much practice in actual battle, so I kept at training in martial arts. Even Duke Anderson was shocked at how quickly I progressed.


But all of Ellia’s actions were truly irritating. I’ve considered cutting the issue off at the root, but we’ve never been able to uncover actual evidence of her wrongdoing.


I really have to thank Duke Anderson for his hellish training…sorry, I meant loving lessons. Heh.


At the time, I studied greedily, absorbing all sorts of knowledge and information.


My time living in a contained world passed bit by bit.


Finally, most people on the outside gradually forgot about my existence, and I could start going out proactively once more.


Sometimes it was patrolling various lands, trying to recruit talent.


Sometimes it was attending schools and joining merchants’ guilds, all under different names of course.


The queen dowager never challenged me on any of my actions. More accurately, she encouraged me to go out on my own.


And then one day, I met her.


Through introductions made at the guild, I entered the Armenia territory in subterfuge, accepting an errand-running position under an official…Continue Reading

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