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Chapter 98

Too Late


Various matters concerning the Conglomerate have now been settled.


Owing to Karim’s Conglomerate now assuming the role of transportation, it is now possible to pass through the borders with the tariffs at standard tax rates.


The reliance on Karim’s Conglomerate for transportation meant the realization of reduced costs on exorbitant escort and personnel fees for other Conglomerates as well.


And Karim’s Conglomerate would, in turn, gain a profit.


A true win-win relationship for everyone.


In truth, negotiations with the Feudal Lord of the fief, who had imposed the tariff increase, have not been going well.


Interferences from the second Queen have likely had a hand in that.


The tax rate is typically left to each Feudal Lord’s discretion, even if I should make a request for the tax rate to be lowered, due to the excommunication being a false charge, the matter would be over as soon as the reply was, “How fortunate for you. However, I am raising the tax rates of all of my fiefs. That is the policy we’ve set”.


I can’t help but sense a motive behind the simultaneous raising of tax rates around Armelia fiefs alone…Continue Reading

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