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Counterattack of a White Lotus that was Reborn into an Apocalypse

Chapter 35 – Strange power and catching flesh (Part 2)

That’s right, Lian Hua was in the middle of the three spoiled brats with rare power. Since the apocalypse, there have been all kinds of weird and rare powers after the awakening of human beings. What happened the most frequently would be the mutation of their bodies, such as those with power-type abilities or speed-type abilities. The second most frequent kind would be the those with five-element powers, like metal, wood, water, fire and earth, people with these powers were quite domineering, and Lian Hua was one of them.


There were also more rare kinds – such as the space, treatment, poison types, etc., and there were others like stealth, flying and some unknown powers.


He Yuu belonged to a kind that’s related to the spirit. Her specific power was “reading”, and to define it more precisely, she could read minds and change a person’s thoughts. Imagine, if a person’s mind couldn’t be read, obtained or even modified like a hard disk, what kind of catastrophe could that become? Therefore, He Yuu could never reveal to anyone about her power. Currently, she’s still in a lower rank, and she could only know the thoughts of people weaker than her. Instead of changing the mind, she could only influence it slowly and subconsciously, and that would require some time. Once people find out about her power, who would still want to keep her?


His brother He Xu was not the same. His brother’s power was “control” and he could control creatures weaker than him. For example, he could control small bugs now, and he would be able to do the same on animals soon. After he went on a higher level, he might even be able to control zombies or human beings. Anyone knowing that there’s someone who could control or abuse them would surely eliminate this potential risk as early as possible.


Zhao Xiaolong’s power was “absorption”, and he could absorb the vitality, energy, and power of any living creatures. He could directly absorb the vitality of living creatures for his own use, whether that creature was alive or dead! After reaching that level, he would be able to absorb the power elements in a human body, or turn one into a crippled person. Who would want to keep such a person next to him?


Lian Hua might as well kneel down to the great god of transmigration, who gave him three brothers that were so-not-human! Think about it, when an extremely powerful person got controlled by another one, and his top-secret information in the brain got all stolen, even his powers were absorbed, then he was turned into an ordinary person, how catastrophic could that be? Could he then control himself from killing that guy, then cut open his corpse?

So, if his little brothers’ powers were exposed one day, what kind of disaster would follow? Even if they didn’t go after human beings, the latter would go after them! The aftermath is too hard to imagine. Lian Hua looked up to the sky and thought, you brothers are too powerful, I can’t accept it.


“Let’s prepare something to eat.” Lian Hua chose a relatively flat ground without any mutated plants, then sprinkled a handful of seeds with vines entwined with small branches, which in turn became a small house made of plants.

Lian Hua pushed the three kids in, and planted a circle of short grass around the grass house to cover up the traces of human beings. In the distance, it looked like a dense area of grass, and the grass seemed connected. Then, he scattered some drops of water on the leaves. Once these water drops moved, Lian Hua would know immediately.

After doing these, Lian Hua also entered the hut and sealed the hole of the door. A piece of green and soft grass had been planted in the hut in advance, and the three kids immediately laid down without caring how they looked.

Lian Hua shook his head and looked at them, these kids were too weak, even weaker than he used to be. Now, they all belonged to the first level and they had just cultivated for a short time. There was thus not much improvement. Lian Hua hurriedly caught Lian Yu back, which was still lying on top of He Yuu!

“Xiao Yu’er, give them some mushrooms to replenish their strength.” Lian Hua had thought about it for a while, if the three kids continued to act like this, their journey would be dragged behind, and he was in a hurry to continue his cultivation!

“Master, I only have mushrooms which can help replenish power, but I don’t have any for physical strength.” Lian Yu said apologetically.

“You don’t even have any for physical strength? You’re so useless!” Lian Hua seized the opportunity to criticize Lian Yu.


“Hey! Master, how could you say like this? I’m very useful, and I can supplement my energy with food, only that it’ll be a bit slow!” Lian Yu complained, “you only know to say that I’m useless, then why don’t you prepare them some meat? How could they have energy by eating veggies every day?”


Lian Hua, “…” Lian Yu was right.


“Let it be. I’ll catch some.” Lian Hua surrendered. It’s quite hard to catch mutated beasts nowadays. Before, he used to work with his mates in the team, and it was such a walk in the park to catch beasts.  However, it might be a bit difficult for him now that he’s alone.

“Put the cage out first,” Lian Hua ordered.

Alas, the cage appeared beside Lian Hua.

“Big brother, are you going out?” He Yuu asked hurriedly.

“Right, brother will get you some meat.”


“Meat?” Zhao Xiaolong immediately shouted, “I want to eat meat, and I want to come along!” He Xu also stood up and showed his support.


Lian Hua, “…” How long hasn’t he eaten any meat?


“We haven’t had meat for a few months already.” He Yuu knew the emotions revealed by Lian Hua, and he replied.


Well, he guessed it right. The brother and sister of He’s and Zhao Xiaolong didn’t want to reveal He Yuu’s power, and they could live their lives ordinarily. Sometimes, they couldn’t even feed themselves full, so how could they enjoy any meat? Even big brother Jin couldn’t be bothered to offend the mutated beasts, he would at most get them a big can or something, and they were often the last ones to consume it.

Lian Hua had originally thought of getting food for them only, and he hadn’t thought about meat at all. Lian Hua suddenly felt a bit embarrassed.

“Big brother will take you all for some meat!” Lian Hua exclaimed.


“That would be awesome!” The three kids all cheered, making Lian Hua realize that he hadn’t done a good job as a brother.


Lian Hua didn’t leave, he opened a hole in the hut to let the cage secret some sweet honey. Nepenthes rely on this to attract food. After its mutation, the honey secreted by the fourth-level Nepenthes was even sweeter. Lian Hua couldn’t help but try it himself, and the three kids were all mouthwatering already.

Lian Hua thought about it and he gave each of them a leaf and filled it with honey. How could he have forgotten the honey in the cage? Auntie Li once said that Xia Zhi liked to eat sweet foods, would he want some honey in the cage as well?

Lian Hua hid a lot of vines outside the hut. This kind of vine with a numbing effect and hard spikes was found by Lian Hua by accident. He left the seeds and threw them into Lian Yu’s body.

After laying the trap, Lian Hua sprinkled the honey in it. He returned to the hut. Lian Hua opened a water mirror, and the scene over the trap passed in through the water droplets outside.

“Brother Lian, is it really useful?” Zhao Xiaolong looked at the water mirror while licking the honey in his hand.

“Just wait for the meat.” Lian Hua replied firmly, so everyone just kept staring at the water mirror.

“Ah! There’s some movement over there!” Zhao Xiaolong said, pointing excitedly in one direction of the water mirror.

At a glance, Lian Hua looked as if something had come over and couldn’t help looking forward to it. And when that figure finally appeared…

Lian Hua, “…”

He Yuu / Xu, “…”

Zhao Xiaolong, “Ah! It turned out to be a mutated ant! Brother Lian, are you sure that it’s okay?”

Lian Hua silently directed the vine to pat the ant and continued to wait.

“Ah! It turned out to be a mutated bee! Is it really okay?”

Pat, continue.

“Ah, what is this? A butterfly?”

Pat, continue.

Oh my God, I can’t take it anymore, this is obviously a caterpillar!”

“Perhaps I can replace it with a carrot.” Lian Hua suggested weakly.

“Shut up!” The three kids said in unison.

Lian Hua, “…” these aggressive kids aren’t cute at all.

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