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Counterattack of a White Lotus that was Reborn into an Apocalypse

Chapter 36 – Sparrows and flies

“Big brother, I don’t want to eat meat anymore, I just like vegetables.” He Yuu yanked Lian Hua who squatted aside and planted mushrooms carefully.

Lian Hua, “…” Obviously, this lovely little Loli ended up the most caring. Lian Hua pulled He Yuu over and hugged her, then kissed twice on her forehead.

“Ah, you horny Lian Hua, don’t you touch Xiao Yuu!” Zhao Xiaolong jumped up and rushed to Lian Hua. When Lian Hua was holding little Loli, and when Zhao Xiaolong was very near to Lian Hua, he was instantly kicked and flew away by Lian Yu.

“Ohhh, damn mushroom, how dare you!” Zhao Xiaolong immediately switched his target and started chasing Lian Yu.


“Master, this stupid guy is kind of fun, haha…” Lian Yu was jumping up and down while talking to Lian Hua.


“Hey…” Lian Hua sighed and put an energy mushroom into his mouth. Then, he also gave one to He Yuu and He Xu. After taking the energy mushrooms, the brother and sister put them into their mouth delicately, and both knew how precious these mushrooms were.


Recently, there was nothing for Lian Hua to kill, and Lian Hua found himself extremely poor. That dearly loved schoolbag that he’d fell into the river was still with Xia Zhi, and was placed carefully in his transformation car. He wasn’t sure whether Xia Zhi was keeping it carefully. There wasn’t even one crystal nucleus on him, he even had to beg Lian Yu for these energy mushrooms while it was weeping. Lian Hua dared not take too many or Lian Yu could have killed him. According to Lian Yu, it had to use a lot of energy for these two mushrooms. Therefore, it cried when its master was being such an abusive bastard. Lian Hua could only back down.


“Brother Lian. Let us find some crystal nucleus first, shall we? Or we will only become weaker.” After He Xu ate his mushroom, he suggested.


Lian Hua nodded. There weren’t many people in the He Village, and big brother Jin had already cleaned up the corpses. Sometimes, they would see a few beasts but those were quickly killed. The problem is, the mutated beasts were too cruel and the mutated plants knew how to attack them in secret already, and it’s become quite a headache. They needed the crystal nucleus badly.


“Big brother, what if we look for a town or a village to kill some zombies? Xiao Yuu can help dig the corpse crystal.” Little Loli, He Yuu suggested with excitement.


Lian Hua, “…” Lian Hua thought that he had lived for so long, but he’d never dug any corpse crystal himself! He would either receive only the labor costs or the revenue would go to the merchant, and he’d never done it on his own! How could the little sister say something so cruel to him and yet with such excitement? This is not good at all!


“Xiao Xu,” Lian Hua looked at He Xu and asked, “do you know of any towns that’re still not cleaned up?”


He Xu, “…”


“Xiao Yuu, do you know any?” Lian Hua turned his head and asked He Yuu with no expression on his face.


“I…I…” He Yuu lowered her head and played with her fingers, “I don’t know.”


Lian Hua, “…” Then what are there to clean up?! How is it possible that he didn’t know the way, yet there were no one with any road experiences at all?


“I…I know!” Zhao Xiaolong failed to catch Lian Yu, he was panting.


Everyone, “…” anyone who believes you is a fool! Since you even got lost in the He Village, you aren’t qualified to even speak!


“But I really know!” Zhao Xiaolong looked sad, and Lian Hua immediately shot a water ball on Zhao Xiaolong’s face, cooling him down.

“Why don’t you shut up?” Lian Hua was very direct.


Zhao Xiaolong, “…” no one would believe me! I will cry in front of everyone of you.


“Oh! Big brother, there’s a prey.” He Yuu pointed at the water mirror in surprise.


Everyone hurriedly ran over and checked it out.


“Wow! Such a big chicken!” Zhao Xiaolong screamed excitedly, while his eyes were still black.


“Well, it should be a mutated sparrow.” Lian Hua weakly suggested.


They saw the grey bird, which was three or four times bigger than an ordinary chicken, brutally smashed the big carrot outside with its paw, then swallowed it bit by bit.

“Do mutated sparrows eat carrots?” He Xu said to himself, “this world is so strange.”

“Don’t worry about it being strange or not, brother Lian, catch it quickly!” Zhao Xiaolong almost felt like strangling Lian Hua’s neck and shake it hard.

As soon as Lian Hua moved his hand, some dust was sprayed on the “chicken”. This was actually Lian Yu’s spores used for anesthesia, which was both delicious and durable. The “chicken” hadn’t been prepared, and it already took all the spray. Then, the vines started surrounding it and entangled it inside. The “chicken” tried struggling in vain, and since it had been anesthetized, it couldn’t do anything at will. It started mourning with sorrow.


“How come I’m having a bad feeling?” Lian Hua said.


The three kids looked at each other. “Is there anything…” Zhao Xiaolong said weakly.


“I’m not sure.” Lian Hua speeded up his movement, and took several wooden sticks to slam at that semi-anesthetized “chicken”. The “chicken” finally snorted and passed out. Lian Hua hurriedly pulled it inside the hut.


“Hey, brother Lian, look at the sky.” Zhao Xiaolong pointed at the water mirror.


Lian Hua, “…” damn it, there was a crowd of “chickens” in the sky. If they were found, they would definitely be crushed into bones.


Lian Hua was very anxious and he didn’t know what to do, but he still had to comfort the three kids who were scared to death, “shh, don’t make a sound and don’t move. If they can’t find us, they’ll fly away.” Lian Hua first used a water ball to wrap the “chicken” that he’d got, then added a layer of wooden air. He also carefully made their hut thicker, there was soon a layer of moist spreading through, and he was very sure that none of these “chickens” could smell or hear them.


The group of “chickens” were hovering over their hut. They should have heard a sound of their kind, no? How come there’s nothing?


One of the “chickens” suddenly noticed a bulge in the grass and approached to it curiously. Lian Hua was so scared that he could feel his heart bounding and beating fast. Why are mutated beasts so cruel? It’s because the weaker beasts like to take action in groups, and they were often afraid to see a huge number of beasts. The stronger kinds liked to move independently, and it’s naturally extremely difficult to catch them.


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