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He Yuu looked at the water mirror. The dense crowd of mutated sparrows had scared her to death, she had to cover her mouth so as not to cry out loud.

The curious sparrow was getting closer and closer, and Lian Hua was so pissed that he was about to pluck the skin of this sparrow! Why the hell was it coming so close?

Lian Yu finally moved, and a small white bag suddenly grew outside the house. The small white bag was quite long and slender, and the mushroom cover was also enlarged. Why did Lian Yu start growing mushrooms now?

The curious sparrow was attracted by this big mushroom and approached it unconsciously without knowing that it had already left the group.

The white mushroom soon grew to three meters. When it stopped growing, the mushroom cover gradually opened, and the sparrow was getting even closer and wanted to rest in it.

“Master, cover your nose.” Lian Yu shouted.

Lian Hua, “what the heck?!”

The mushroom outside burst out suddenly, and a fierce stench came out. Lian Hua couldn’t cover his nose in time and he almost fainted after smelling it.

“It stinks so bad!” He Yuu murmured and fainted.

Zhao Xiaolong and He Xu reacted better, they quickly covered their noses with their clothes.

Lian Hua hurriedly wet his handkerchief and covered He Yuu’s nose, and for himself? He just stopped breathing.

Lian Hua and the others were still far away from the exploded mushroom, but they already all received such a violent shock. It is naturally easy to imagine that the curious sparrow in the center of the mushroom – it must have rolled its eyes and fainted with its two claws pointing to the sky. The group of sparrows in the sky were screaming and bumping into each other. It was very chaotic. They quickly left.

Lian Hua made a large wall of water and encased everyone in it, he had successfully isolated them from the smell. Then, he created another jasmine flower and purified the air inside.


“Lian Yu!” Lian Hua gritted his teeth and shouted, then stepped Lian Yu flat on the ground, “next time, if you want to do this fatal trick, can you let us know in advance?!”


“Master, but I did remind y’all.” Lian Yu was under his feet pathetically, it was almost crying. It also didn’t know that this stinky mushroom had become so powerful! Although it had wanted to play a trick only, it hadn’t expected such high killing power!


“Big Brother…” He Yuu finally woke up, “big Brother!” He Yuu flew into Lian Hua’s arms, “it’s horrifying and so stinky! Wu wu…Xiao Yuu is so scared…”

Lian Hua held the little Loli Xiao Yuu into his arms and comforted her, while he was stepping on something continuously.


Lian Yu, “…” wu…master doesn’t love me anymore. When Lian Yu thought of what it’d done, it swallowed back its tears and only cried in the heart.


“At least those mutated sparrows are gone.” He Xu found it hard to change his facial expression…when his little sister was in another man’s arms, it’s difficult to be happy about it.


Zhao Xiaolong no longer had any energy to care whether Lian Hua was taking advantage of He Yuu. He only shoved his head into the jasmine flowers like a dead fish.


“How long does it take for the smell to disperse?” Lian Hua asked.


“About…about half a day, the shortest.” Lian Yu answered weakly.


“What about the longest?”


“Three days.”

Lian Hua added a bit of force under his feet.

“Ouch ouch ouch, master, please let me go!” Lian Yu screamed in pain.

“Lian brother, do you hear anything outside?” The scene of He Xu interrupting/teaching Lian Yu.

Lian Hua stopped and opened a new water mirror. Suddenly, Lian Hua felt that he would not be able to eat for a few days.

What the! Why would there suddenly be a bunch of mutated flies? Gosh, everyone was like as big as a fist, even in an enlarged version. Lian Hua silently turned his head and stepped on Lian Yu, the culprit for several more times.


Lian Yu, “…” How pathetic, wu wu wu…

“Oh my God!” Zhao Xiaolong couldn’t help screaming, “how unlucky are we today? How come there’re so many large flies??”


Lian Hua saw that Zhao Xiaolong’s face had turned white just after one glance, he was probably quite disgusted by the mutated flies. Therefore, he held He Yuu tightly, as he dared not let a little girl see this scene.

See, the huge group of buzzing flies blasted the stinky mushrooms, they were black and greasy. The flies sucked the shit-like stuff inside until nothing’s left, then they flew around the wreckage of the mushroom reluctantly, laid a pile of white eggs, and flew away. Now, Lian Hua was pretty sure that he wouldn’t eat for three days.

“Brother Lian, let’s go now.” He Xu’s face also turned pale, he’s almost shaking.

Lian Hua opened the small house made of vines and small trees, and did not remove the water wall. He pushed the wall and started running away from the crime scene.


When he thought that they were far enough, Lian Hua built a new house and took He Yuu inside.


The three kids were completely exhausted. Lian Hua thought that they had walked enough, it’d be better to rest there that night.


Lian Hua took out some seeds and planted a small berry tree inside the house. The red and bright fruits were hanging on the branches.


“Eat something sour.” Lian Hua picked the fruit to them.

Zhao Xiaolong took a bunch and shoved it all into his mouth, he chewed cheekily, and the red juice was dropping to the ground.

“Take it easy,” Lian Hua reminded, “do you still want to eat meat?” Lian Hua asked, as he thought that the kids might not want meat anymore.

“Of course! Why not?! We’ll surely eat meat!” Zhao Xiaolong’s facial expression was a little distorted, as his gaze had never left Lian Yu.

Lian Yu felt a little pressure, so it got into Lian Hua’s pocket, “you can’t see me, you can’t see me…”

Lian Hua, “…”

“You really want to eat meat?” Lian Hua took the mutated sparrow from the cage and he hesitated.

“Then let’s do so.” Lian Hua used his water blade and peeled the sparrow’s skin. He cut it into pieces, washed it clean, and string it with a thin stick. Then, he took another batch of dry firewood, then what?


Lian Hua, “…” they didn’t have fire!


Lian Hua was stunned with the sticks in his hand.


“Anyone of you have a lighter?” Lian Hua asked stupidly.


The three shook their heads together.


“Do you know how to drill wood to make fire?”


Shook their heads again.


“Do you have fire-type power?”


Shook again.


Lian Hua, “…” then why did they suggest eating meat after all? Were they going to eat it raw? When Lian Hua thought of the bunch of match lighters, his tears were all over his face.


Everyone, “…” it’s too heart-wrenching.


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