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Chapter 41 : Cultivation and Green Hair


“The nearest nature reserve or forest? Nowadays, mutant beasts and mutant plants are going rampant, I’m afraid it will be very dangerous.” Lian Xia was worried.

“Little Xia, don’t be afraid, everyone will protect you.” Zhao Xiaolong patted his chest to promise.

“I’m not afraid of this,” Lian Xia smiled bitterly, “but it’s really dangerous in the wild.”

“Don’t worry, Selian is a Tier 4 Wood Psychic, so these are all just small problems. It’s just a small mutant plant. He will solve it in a jiffy.” Zhao Xiaolong did not take Lian Xia’s worries seriously at all.

“Alright, then I’ll give up my life to accompany this gentleman.” As soon as Lian Xia stepped on the gas, the car speeded away.

“By the way, Lian Xia,” Lian Hua suddenly thought of a question, not knowing why but he just wanted to ask, “Do you know Xia Zhi?” He was a little nervous after asking that.

“Oh, Xia Zhi.” Lian Xia showed a smile, “He’s my cousin.”

Lian Hua suddenly felt that five lightning strikes were going on at the top of his head, and his mind was instantly swiped by words: cousin, cousin and cousin. Lian Xia was actually the cousin of Xia Zhi! It was nonsense. Lian Hua collapsed on the seat instantly, ‘Was that an evil fate? My dear in-law, your little cousin brother is in my hands now, so you have to bear with me!’ Lian Hua yelled in his heart, not knowing whether he was happy or sad. However, taking Xia Zhi’s cousin safely to the base in Kyoto would definitely greatly improve the favorability, so Lian Hua decided to protect this little cousin.

Lian Hua gave all the crystal nuclei he had robbed before to Lian Yu, forcing Lian Yu to produce more energy mushrooms, and distributed them to several children and foodies. Lian Yu was feeling painful and happy at the same time. The ability to eat a crystal nucleus was happiness, but eating too much was painful.

Lian Xia was just an ordinary person, or else Wang Bin would not have let him go so easily. Lian Hua told the children and foodies to protect Lian Xia always. If something happened to Lian Xia, he would take good care of them in many ways possible.

It might be that Lian Hua’s tone was too serious. Several children nodded earnestly, even Lian Xiaoma “tweeted” that he must watched Lian Xia like in a prison. Lian Hua was relieved. After that, he was going to cultivate practice according to Lian Yu’s method. First of all, he had to find a place with rich woody energy, that’s why Lian Hua asked to go to the forest.

“Big bro Lian, there’s a nature reserve ahead.” Lian Xia stopped the vehicle. They had encountered many mutant plants and mutant beasts along the way, all of them became crystal nuclei and meat jerky for the people. Lian Hua had water-control skills, which made it very convenient to make dried meat and vegetables.

Lian Hua made a lot of dried vegetables for them along the way. If he had to go practice alone, he needed to take care of the food for his little friends.

It was still a few miles away from the nature reserve and Lian Xia did not dare to drive forward. The plants that grew against common nature in front made him afraid to approach any further.

“Just right here.” Lian Hua said.

Soon, Lian Yu and him built a spacious tree house and kept all the materials he brought from the Huayang base, the dried meat and vegetables he made along the way, and dug a big hole to store enough water. Lian Yu planted a circle of miasma mushrooms around the tree house. Those mushrooms would release a poisonous miasma, protecting the people inside from being invaded by mutant beasts.

Lian Yu and Xiaoma were in the cage all wrapped around Lian Hua. The cage was Lian Yu’s younger brother, so he had to go with him.

“During my absence, you have to cultivate well. Don’t run around because the wild is a very dangerous place. Don’t go into the forest to find me either. I will naturally come out when the time is up. If I don’t come out after three months, all of you must send Lian Xia back to the base in Kyoto in complete shape, got it?” Lian Hua could not help but exhorted the children again.

“Selian, don’t worry, if you are gone, we will definitely send your in-law’s little cousin back safely.” Zhao Xiaolong’s look was still the same angry, desperate and dead expression.

Lian Hua’s mouth twitched and looked at He Xu. He Xu nodded seriously, “Brother Lian, rest assured, we will do what we promised you.”

With He Xu’s words, Lian Hua nodded in satisfaction.

“Selian, why did you specially ask He Xu again, don’t you believe in me?” Zhao Xiaolong became angry, which made him jumped.

Lian Hua raised his eyebrows and clearly told Zhao Xiaolong that that was the case, and Zhao Xiaolong fell to the ground.

“Big bro, you must come back alive!” He Yu, the little Lolita grabbed Lian Hua.

Alas, little Lolita was the most caring, Lian Hua rubbed her head, “Big bro will come out alive.”

Lian Hua looked at Lian Xia, “Little Xia, you must stay alive too.”

After holding back for a long time, Lian Xia finally squeezed out a phrase, “Brother Lian, walk well.”

“…” Lian Hua was speechless, as if Lian Xia spoke like he needed to take a dump.

Lian Hua waved his hand and headed to the forest without looking back, “Big bro, you must come back alive.” He Yu, the little Lolita’s voice rang in his ear.

Lian Hua did not look back as he just raised his right hand, shook it, and soon his figure disappeared into the dense grass.

“Big Bro…” He Yu looked at the place where Lian Hua disappeared, tears streaming down from his eyes.

“Xiao Yu, don’t cry, we have to practice hard so that we can complete Brother Lian’s request to protect this hindrance.” He Xu said seriously.

“Oh, I see,” He Yu wiped away the tears, “I will definitely protect Big Bro’s hindrance.”

Lian Xia, the hindrance, had nothing to say, “…” It was heartbreaking to be called like that by those children.

“Then, let’s start.” He Yu touched the energy mushroom in the bag. A few people entered the tree house left by Lian Hua. Staying inside and not encountering mutant species which had a higher level than Lian Hua would prevent them from discovering the secret of the tree house.

Lian Hua walked all the way to the depths of the forest. Huge trees that could only be hugged by numerous people were everywhere. The vines on the ground also rioted at Lian Hua’s feet from time to time. Lian Hua also saw a mutant snake entangled by a mutant tree with his own eyes as it was soon digested cleanly within seconds.

Lian Hua wrapped wood energy firmly around him. He did not want to be eaten by the mutant plants. Before breaking through the fifth level, there was no way to communicate with those plants.

“Okay, right here.” Lian Yu chose a place with a strong wood energy.

Lian Hua planted the cage aside to protect while Xiaoma stayed in a bucket of the cage quietly. Xiaoma was only at the second level, a delicacy to mutant plants if he was not careful.

“Let’s start.” Lian Hua said.

“Alright, Master, do you remember the formula I told you?”

“Yes, I remembered.” Lian Hua nodded and sat down cross-legged.

“I’m coming.” Lian Yu yelled, and rammed Lian Hua in his stomach at the diaphragm directly.

That was the first time that Lian Hua was awake enough to let Lian Yu in. The last time Lian Yu went in, he was straight in a coma. When he came out, he did not feel anything. He did not expect entering the diaphragm to be so painful. Lian Hua’s forehead was full of visible veins as he endured the great pain.

He did not know how long it took, but Lian Yu had stayed in his diaphragm steadily. The power seed in the diaphragm had grown to Level Four’s capacity, and was smashed by a few collisions Lian Yu made.

In an instant, Lian Hua became an ordinary person without any Level One abilities.

After the power seed was broken, Lian Hua recited Lian Yu’s formula. Cyan and blue lights entered Lian Hua’s body, and Lian Yu fell asleep directly in Lian Hua’s diaphragm. The cage hung Lian Hua up, and the light circles overflowing from Lian Hua’s body were completely absorbed by the cage and Xiaoma without an inch of waste. Just like that, three months passed.

“It’s been three months.” He Xu stared blankly in the direction of Lian Hua’s disappearance, and uttered to himself.

“Big bro, do we have to go?” He Yu asked. Now, they were all Level Three psychic beings, and they had caught up with the pace of cultivation for supernatural beings. There were still some with Level Three, but fourth-levels are still rare.

“Selian, why aren’t you coming out…” Zhao Xiaolong roared, sucking a mutant beast in his hand into scum.

Several beautiful butterflies around He Xu stopped at He Xu’s fingertips for a while and flew away. Shaking the head, “Brother Lian still wasn’t found.”

“Big Bro…” He Yu burst into tears without conscience.

Lian Xia was fidgeting on one side. He was just an ordinary person. Although he was a soldier and had good skills, he was completely powerless to deal with those three absolutely abnormal children.

“Let’s wait for another half a month. If Brother Lian hasn’t come out, let’s depart to Kyoto first.” He Xu naturally became the leader when Lian Hua was absent.

Everyone agreed.

Another month passed. In the depths of the forest, a ball-shaped object wrapped by huge vines moved. In an instant, all the vines were ripped and separated, revealing a naked man inside. The man’s skin was fair as snow, his eyes turned out to be green as his long green hair spread to the ground.

Lian Hua woke up and found that his body was whizzing coldly. His clothes had been completely damaged during his cultivation practice. He looked at his palms. It was verdant and white, and the cocoons he had cultivated during the last days were gone.

Standing up, Lian Hua realized that his hair had turned green. Could it be that he became Lian Yu’s greenish appearance because he merged with Lian Yu?

Lian Hua looked around calmly, and the Level Five cage was guarding the surroundings with strength. Xiaoma was also sleeping on the other side.

Opening the water mirror, he now had a Level Five’s ability. Looking at himself, Lian Hua found that his body hair had turned green as well.

“…” Lian Hua was speechless. What does green have to do with this?

“Lian Yu? Lian Yu…” Lian Hua felt that his tone might not be very good. Anyone who woke up and found that they had changed into another species would surely be terrified!

Without hearing Lian Yu’s reply, Lian Hua looked around again.

The place where Lian Hua was sitting moved suddenly. Lian Hua’s eyes turned as he saw the sudden growth of a small seedling there.

Lian Hua calmly approached it.

The seedling grew rapidly, emerged leaves, bloomed, and finally bore a big fruit.

With a shock in his heart, he found that the fruit was trembling slightly. The corners of Lian Hua’s mouth twitched more severely. He held up a water blade with no expression on his face, and cut the big fruit as carefully as possible. A white and tender little baby was asleep in it.

Lian Hua poked the baby in the face and the baby’s eyes opened. His eyes and sparse hair were also green.

“Lian Yu.” Lian Hua called out expressionlessly, and the little baby who pretended to be dead immediately screamed and threw himself directly onto Lian Hua.

“Master, I’ll be your son from now on, Papa Papa…” Lian Yu’s voice was ringing in Lian Hua’s mind with the word “Papa”.

Lian Hua hugged the little baby with the saliva mark on his face with one arm, looking at the sky and diverging his thoughts— Damn it, am I going to be a father now?

“Master, wuuu, don’t ignore your child, Papa, don’t ignore me, wuuu, I’m so heartbroken…” Lian Yu was stuffed into a bucket in the cage by Lian Hua, and the baby caught the edge of the bucket. He wailed pitifully, “Wuaa—Wuaa—“ Lian Hua and Lian Yu were connected spiritually, so it was no doubt that Lian Hua could understand Lian Yu’s words.

“I really don’t know that it will make you like this after being merged together. Wuuu, Papa, forgive me…”

Lian Hua wrapped himself in a big cloak woven with his own hair, and covered himself tightly. That hair was like a vine. Once it was cut, it would grew quickly again. His hair could be a tentacle too. Lian Hua simply used waste to weave a large piece of cloth and made it into clothes and cloak. Fortunately, there were no women in the house before, so he still knew how to do sewing errands. It was better to wrap a person in a green cloak than to let themselves be seen as a monster by others in the appearance of the green-haired monster.

Lian Hua had also learned water spells without a teacher, mirage, adjusting the water vapor around him to cause the refraction of light to change the color in people’s eyes. He could now run around in a state of invisibility. Of course, people higher than his level could still find him. At that time, it seemed that the people who could find him were relatively few.

When Lian Hua came to the tree house he left behind, there was no one left. He Xu and the others should have gone to Kyoto.

When he walked into the wooden house, he saw the lettering left by them— Big bro, we are going to Kyoto first, you must hurry up and keep up with us.

At first glance, it was the words of the little Lolita, He Yu. Lian Hua smiled.

Xiaoma picked up Lian Hua’s leaking energy, which made Xiaoma already at Level Five. Lian Hua snapped his fingers and Xiaoma flew down from the sky, landing on the ground with a loud puff. Lian Hua picked up little baby Lian Yu, retracted the cage back to his diaphragm and jumped on Xiao Ma’s back, “Go to Kyoto, do you know the way?”

Tweet tweet!” Xiao Ma sounded twice, and rushed to the sky with a wave of its wings. Lian Hua let out his hair and made an isolating cover. Now, his hair worked better than his hands, but all that was strange was its color.

Lian Hua felt that he must not meet anyone during his days back in Kyoto, until he could change back the color of his eyes and hair. Even if others could not see him, Lian Hua felt very awkward, so he thought that he should wrap himself tighter instead. He wrapped Lian Yu, who was sleeping soundly, too.

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