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Chapter 42 : Son and the Hurry


“Uwah, uwah…” Papa, I’m so cold. Lian Yu grabbed Lian Hua’s hair with tender little paws.

“…” Lian Hua was silent as he wrapped the baby tightly with his hair.

“Uwah, uwah…” Papa, I’m hungry. Lian Yu looked at Lian Hua pitifully.

Lian Hua thought for a while and let Xiaoma stopped for a while as he left the cage for Xiaoma to guard it. Soon, he got into the big woods by himself.

With some random noises, there was commotion in the big woods as Lian Hua came out with a bunch of crystal nuclei.

“Eat it.” Lian Hua picked up a crystal plant and attempted to stuff it into Lian Yu’s small mouth.

“Uwah, uwah…” Lian Yu angrily patted away the crystal plant in his hand, “Uwah! Uwah!” I’m a baby now, so how can Papa let me have this?

Lian Hua looked at Lian Yu, who was wrapped in like a silkworm, as he fell silent.

“Then what do you eat?” Lian Hua asked cautiously.

“Uwah…wah.” Why are you still not carrying me up, what kind of father are you?

Lian Hua spread out his hair as he picked up the white, tender, green little dumpling.

How soft and warm.

“Uwah…uwah…” I didn’t even grow any teeth, of course I’ll have to drink milk. Lian Yu sat contentedly nestled in Lian Hua’s arms, waving small fists and as the baby directed Lian Hua to be a father.

“…” Lian Hua was speechless again. Where can I get milk for you in the barren mountains?

“Uwah…yah…” I’m so hungry, wuu, Papa’s about to starve Xiao Yuu(Lian Yu) to death. Lian Yu burst into tears.

Lian Hua held the little dumpling in a daze. He had taken care of his younger brother before, but he had never taken care of such a small baby. He was busy-enough, and in addition to accepting the changes of turning into a green-haired alien, his mind went blank for a moment there.

Lian Yu, the little baby’s tears dripped onto Lian Hua’s hand, which made Lian Hua woke up like from a dream.

“Oh, oh. Oh!” Lian Hua tried to recall how his mother used to hug his brother and how she tried to coax him. She clumsily patted the baby on the back while shaking him gently. That was when Lian Yu hit Lian Hua back to reality when hiccups were sounded.

“Uwah…wah…” I’m hungry. Papa, you have to learn to take care of me quickly.

“Okay, be good, don’t cry.” Lian Hua finally realized that he liked to be a father. Looking at the small dumpling created with such detail and value, his heart became soft. It seemed that raising a son was not bad after all.

Lian Hua asked the cage to give some honey. After washing his hands, he dipped it with his finger, and fed it into Lian Yu’s mouth, which sucked the honey with loud slurps. Finishing honey in a leaf-made cup, sweat broke out from their foreheads. With consideration, Xiaoma contributed its big wings to cover the duo from the sun with its huge wings.

The weather was getting hotter recently which made Lian Hua doubt whether if there would be a shortage of water somewhere else.

Little baby Lian Yu ate the honey, cried again, and fell asleep with a finger in the mouth. Lian Hua was reluctant to place Lian Yu in the bucket again, so he made a big pocket of hair and hung Lian Yu in front of his chest. Although his hair had turned green, it was rather slippery. It was also woven like a cloth which was very comfortable and ventilated. Therefore, it would keep the baby away from the chill or the warmth.

Lian Hua heard that it was bad for a baby to not take milk, so he asked Xiaoma to find a gentle mutant beast that was in its breastfeeding period.

Xiaoma flew up to the sky with a swish as Lian Hua sat on the straw mat and looked at Lian Yu’s little face. Well, although the hair and eyebrows were all green, they were still very cute. Lian Hua poked Lian Yu’s little nose, which made Lian Yu hummed and moved a little. Then, a flow of heat poured onto Lian Hua’s chest.

Lian Hua: “…” The heart of a loving father who just rose up flew away immediately.

“Lian Yu!” Lian Hua roared. Lian Yu hummed and opened his eyes, “Uwah?” Papa, what’s wrong?

Lian Hua carried Lian Yu far away with his hair, and silently washed himself with water. Although Lian Yu had changed from a wretched mushroom to a cute baby, his personality was still that of the mushroom he was.

“Weeyah Weeyah.” Papa, I want a hug, wuuu, I want a hug.

Lian Hua ignored him completely as he made a large concave leaf, filled it with water, and was going to place Lian Yu in it.

Lian Yu babbled in horror, as if saying, “Papa, no, I’m your flesh and blood now. The water is so cold, if I went in, I will have the urge to poop.”

Lian Hua thought for a while. I think so too, so he raised the leaves up high, planning to use the sun to heat it up.

“Now, can you explain to me what’s going on?” Lian Hua put Lian Yu in front of him, waiting for his explanation.

Seeing that it was useless to be cute, Lian Yu explained it with honesty.

It turned out that Lian Yu’s method for Lian Hua to truly cultivate was to merge his body with Lian Hua. After that, Lian Yu would exist as Lian Hua’s destiny. However, since Lian Yu refused to not have freedom and lost the ability to play happily, he then takes Lian Hua’s blood to turn his soul into a seed, broke out of a shell, blossomed and bore fruit. Alas, he became Lian Yu, the little baby.

“So that means you’are my clone now?” Thinking that Lian Yu was made with his own blood, Lian Hua’s mind was blown again.

“Not really.” Lian Yu the baby fidgeted embarrassingly all of a sudden.

“What do you mean ‘not really’?” Lian Hua raised his green eyebrows, “Are you hiding anything from me?”

“Papa, in fact, I actually have a Mama-“ Lian Yu the little baby shyly covered his face.

Lian Hua gritted his teeth, “=皿= Where is your Mama, who is it?” Lian Hua was shocked for a moment.

“It’s… it’s your sweetheart.” Lian Yu continued covering his face.

“…” He was speechless for multiple times now. Nani?(What?) Was there a problem with his ears?

“You mean, you are the son of Xia Zhi and I?” Lian Hua felt that the sentence was simply squeezed out between his teeth.

“Yes, on the day of your accident, well, Mama injured and shed a lot of blood. So, I secretly took a lot of them and left.”

Lian Hua felt lightning and thunder emerging from the skies, “Great job!” Lian Hua hugged the little dumpling and did not despise Lian Yu’s piss, which was all over Lian Yu’s little body. “Muack muack muack” He sent kisses to his baby. Daughter-in-law, we already have a son now, you’ll have to quickly obey me. Lian Hua wanted to laugh wildly with his arms on his hips.

“I hate it, you kissed me so hard that it hurts.” Lian Yu struggled, his face flushed, and his small arms waved wildly.

“Then, let’s go to Kyoto to find your Mama!” Lian Hua gave a final word. With his son, could the daughter-in-law still run away?

When Xiaoma came back, the bird only saw its big master holding her little master as he madly kissed him while laughing and dancing. Did something happen that she didn’t know? Anyways, let’s finish the task first.

Chirp chirp-” Xiaoma hovered over Lian Hua’s head a few times and landed on the ground.

Lian Hua massaged his face, trying not to laugh, “Have you found it?”

Tweet tweet-

“Okay, wait for us.”

Lian Hua put down the hot water that was placed in the sun and tested the temperature. Knowing the temperature was just right, he then placed Lian Yu, the little baby, into the water, and washed his wet hair which was soaked in urine. He rubbed Lian Yu the way he scrubbed the potatoes. Once he was clean, Lian Hua wrapped the baby up again.

“Next time, if you want to pee or poo, you must tell Papa in advance. If it gets on our bodies again, then…” Lian Hua cracked his fingers.

“I got it.” QAQ Papa’s appearance is frightening. I want Mama.

Lian Hua climbed onto Xiaoma’s back. The duo was led to the site of a group of mutant deer. Lian Hua looked around and found that there were indeed many fawns that were accompanied by several doe. Those mutant deer were only at Level Two. Each of them grew like the size of a cow. Lian Hua had found a deer, which was Level Three.

Lian Hua released the vines to entangle the deer and started a “kind” conversation with it. In the end, the deer with a swollen nose accepted his condition, so Lian Hua gave it a third-level energy mushroom.

It was the first time for Lian Hua and Lian Yu to find that energy mushrooms were also divided into levels since their bodies were combined. Before-hand, Lian Yu did not know how much energy was lost. Lian Yu was already saving energy for transforming into a human. After Lian Hua knew it, he was really speechless. If he needed energy, why didn’t he tell him? What’s with the sneaky act? However, even Lian Yu’s abilities could be used by Lian Hua himself. For example, Lian Yu’s “universal planting space”, which was a kind of ability to store plants in the diaphragm. Lian Hua always thought that it was awesome, now that he knew, it seemed that it was not as advanced as he thought it was.

The deer swallowed the energy mushroom, raised its head and screamed. Lian Hua knew that the deer was about to advance to the Level Four. The deer looked at the baby in Lian Hua’s arms and called out to the deer herd. A doe came out with a bulging chest. No fawn was seen. It was estimated that the fawn died halfway, or was eaten by a predator. The doe made a bow to the deer and walked to Lian Hua side. Then, he gave the doe a Level Two energy mushroom.

Lian Hua rode on the doe and as it walked away slowly. Xiaoma was already ordered to find the base. He thought that Xiaoma was able to find the base in Kyoto. Later, he found that he was naive again. However, it was quite easy for a Level Five mutant bird to find a human base through flying. Xiaoma and Lian Hua had a contract, so he was not at all afraid of not being able to find it.

Right now, all he needed were baby supplies. He also needed to prepare a gift to meet the daughter-in-law. Therefore, he went deep into the mountains and collected a lot of crystal nuclei and various strange mutant plants along the way. The crystal nuclei and dried meat were packaged and hung on the deer. The mutant plants and seeds were all stuffed in the space of the diaphragm. After the fusion, he only knew that if the plants were taken care using the heat in his body, the plants would benefit infinitely. The cage, on the other hand, was unwilling to stay outside. It did not require anything though, to be outside, so Lian Hua just let it be.

Hence, he rode the deer as Xiaoma went to the skies to explore the journey. The group of people soon wandered off to Kyoto.

On the high wall of the Kyoto base, a person stood on the top of the wall, looking into the distance blankly.

“Boss,” Xia Xingwen called with a sad face, “There’s still no news of Lao Bai. We have sent the rewards to all communication bases, yet there’s still no news at all.”

“Yes.” Xia Zhi still looked outside the wall with a cold face.

“Boss, our Hope base is already very stable. Now, we need a lot of resources to expand it since the manpower of the ability team is also expanding.” When it came to business, Xia Xingwen became serious. “Now the Xia family and the Jiang family have jointly occupied three-quarters of the power of the entire Kyoto base, and our Xia family has one-half.”

“Are the people from the Bai family still crumbling?”

“Them?” Xia Xingwen smiled disdainfully, “Since Elder Bai abdicated his throne and Bai Yi came to power, they have been suppressed and unable to lift their heads. The second generation of the Bai family never had the tolerance ability. That third generation, Bai Yi, was dragged behind by those arrogant seniors, and that surely got him busy. They’re probably thinking about the ore business in YN Province. They don’t even bother to think about how dangerous the YN Province is. The first condemnation troops had already found the presence of a Level Six mutated plant there.”

“The secret that jades could be used for cultivation has long been exposed, so it was reasonable for them to have a decision like that.”

“No matter when the decision was made, they should still see if they could crumble their teeth.” Xia Xingwen took out a folder and opened it. “The research institute have made new progress. New seeds can be planted at the end of the month. Oh, this achievement is also the work of Jiang Ming, a wood-type supernatural psychic of the Jiang family. But now, he’s on our side. Who knew that he was just an unrecognized bastard in the early days? Boss, you are really smart!” Xia Xingwen was obviously proud of the boss’s foresight, “However, his dad has been looking for Jiang Ming recently. Do you think he will be taken back?”

Xia Zhi twitched the corner of his mouth, “If Jiang Ming was really lured back so easily, it would only show that my insight was poor.”

“Jiang Ming was saved by Boss, so he can’t be that kind of person, right?”

“Yeah. So, about the people I asked you to seek, how many people have you found?”

“Well, there were too few people with wood powers. We only have two now. One is Jiang Ming and the other is a five-year-old child. If Lao Bai comes back, we will have three. There’s one in the research institute, but it’s a pity that the group of people there were constantly talking about neutrality. Anyone would know they were just brushing us off at first glance. There’s also one on the Li family. Otherwise, with their current abilities, they would have long been unable to occupy a share in the Kyoto base. Boss, do you think that Lao Bai will take Bai family’s side? After all, he was the adopted son of the Bai family.”


Xia Xingwen, “…” Boss is so sure about that?

Xia Zhi did not explain, just looking into the distance. Xia Xingwen knew there was nothing to say, so he left. He was very busy at the moment.

“Hey, brother, I think your recent face is looking great! In less than a month, there must be surprises coming from the south.” A man in a strange robe came over with a glass of wine. If Lian Hua was there, he could recognize the person,  it was Xiao Ze who starved himself out.

“Really?” Xia Zhi did not care.

“Don’t believe me? My predictions are very accurate. Don’t faint with joy when that happens.” There was a smirk on Xiao Ze’s face, an evil face that wanted Xia Zhi to quickly beg for him.

“Since you’ve been talking about it for a month, then I’ll wait for another month!” Xia Zhi was about to leave after finished talking.

“Hey, don’t go. Guys like you are too boring. We have known each other for so many years, you know?” Xia Zhi still left, Xiao Ze shook his head speechlessly, “You may be able to see the surprise in advance if you go to the nearest base at the south!” Xiao Ze shouted from behind.

The base at the south? Only the Bai family’s Cloud City base was left. Was that a surprise? Well, he had been busy in Kyoto for so long, and his two brothers did not need his help anymore. It’s better to go to other bases and relax. He needed to make sure his brothers were not lazy.

Xia Zhi left the Kyoto Base and Hope Base to his elite secretary irresponsibly, and went to Cloud City Base by himself. There was always a wonderful feeling in his heart, hinting him that there was a very important thing approaching there, making his blood boil.

A weird man riding a mutant deer was also heading to the base of Cloud City. The weird man was wrapped in a green cloak. A large leaf on top of his head blocked the sun. No trace of his hair was visible. A green baby was hugged in front of him. A white and tender little hand in the swaddle waved outside from time to time, as it was gently put back by the weird-looking man. There is a small sparrow resting on the top of the mutant deer’s head while there was a huge, vine-woven package on its rear-end. Along the way, mutant plants, mutant beasts, and even zombies did not seem to see them. Even as they swayed by, the weird man would wave his vines from time to time, killing some advanced species. After the killing, he would wash the crystal cores, and threw them into the package behind him.

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