DD 124

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Chapter 124 Dawson’s journey


“Don’t ask me something like that. I haven’t met her, let alone talk to her.”


This was what one of my seniors in the knights’ corp told me.


The moment I heard those words, an invisible blade seemed to pierce through my chest.


As to why, before I had spoken up against Duke Armenia’s daughter, I had met her but almost never spoken.


“…Dawson. To lash out against a woman like that, to disturb her life and join others in belittling her…as a knight, can you really claim that you were correct?”


That was something Mother said to me once.


That and what my senior said to me kept ringing through my head.


…Perhaps I was wrong.


Finally, that was the thought that came to my mind.


When I thought about what she had done to Yuri, I couldn’t help but flare up in anger, but even so…what I had done to her was still unjustified.


Although I could be proud as a man, as a knight–


So I wanted to bring an end to the affair. I challenged her guard.


“…The relationship between us isn’t so shallow that you can hope to clear it up just like this.”


My considerations were revealed quite easily. Not only that, but I earned myself such a judgemental final word.


It happened at the training session…well, actually, it happened several days after I had tried my skill.


“Why did you do something like that?”


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That’s what my senior said. The string of memories came to my mind.


Everyone around me kept chattering, on and on, without end.


The time that I wasn’t working coincided with that of my senior’s. That’s how I was brought out to a hotel on the streets.


It housed the kind of bar that you could find anywhere on the market.


I hadn’t come to the bar itself, but because Duke Anderson liked interesting, fresh things, I had hung around the hotel itself several times.


“It was because I wanted to bring an end to things.”


I told him all the memories that had come to my mind as well as my own thoughts.


After I said that, he took a deep breath.


“You really are an idiot.”


His words made me angry. I couldn’t help but furrow my brow in frustration.


Seeing my reaction, he flashed a resigned smile.


“I have to ask you. What do you think Lady Iris would think if she heard something along the lines of ‘I don’t think I was wrong, but I treated you wrongly’?”




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“So you wanted to bring an end to things, and you challenged her guard? Anyone would wonder what the hell you were trying to do!”


“I tried to ask for forgiveness more directly. But I couldn’t even get a chance to see her…”


“That’s true. If you mention wanting to meet, she’ll of course think you’re up to something and be on her guard against you. Plus, your apology will only be shallow. Compared to that, you should spare your time for more interesting things.”


“It’s not just a shallow thought of mine. I had repented. As a knight, it’s not something I should have done.”

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