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Chapter 218 Returning


“The Towair Kingdom has sent out their troops. War is about to begin.”


My brain became blank when I heard what my mother said.


Because, because.


“Mother…is this really happening?”


I asked a meaningless question.


She smiled bitterly.


“It’s a completely normal thing to wonder. Unfortunately everything I’ve told you is the truth. Your father received a report that the Towair Kingdom is moving out. He’s currently headed to the palace to discuss how we plan to respond…no, I don’t think there’s much to discuss. I think they’ll be leaving tomorrow.”


“That’s so soon!”


“The Towair Kingdom moved faster than we thought they would. The slower we move, the greater the burden on Baron Messi become. If they manage to break through Baron Messi’s defense, none of the western territories will be able to defend themselves. In an instant, the enemy will arrive at the capital. That’s why we must hurry. No matter what happens with your father, I’m sure there will be a departure for the battlefront tomorrow at the latest.”


“I see.”


Outside of what I was aware of, the world kept moving forward.


Even if we were unwilling, this nation would only move forward riding a wave of a certain sort of direction.


I was puzzling over my next course of action.


“Will Father stay in the capital?”


“I think so. Although part of it is his responsibility as minister…more importantly, he hasn’t recovered to the point where he can handle extensive travel.”


“…So that’s the case.”


“No matter how much I may wish to stop him, your father will most likely remain within the palace to do his duty as minister…”


My mother lowered her gaze.




“Complaining about all this is no use. I respect your father’s dedication as well, after all.”


In the next moment she smiled once more, speaking these words firmly.


“Iris, what do you plan to do?”


“I’ll be following our initial plans and returning to the territory.”




As if surprised by my response, Mother’s eyes went wide.


“If everyone else is staying in the capital, it’s best if I return. All I can do here is gather intel, which is a job that Bern and Father can do as well. I left plenty of work behind to come to the capital. If I can return before things destabilize because of all this, I’ll be able to get so much work done. Under these circumstances, everyone will feel uneasy without a ruler in the territory. There’s also the matter of preparing for the worst.”


“…Is that so. Well then, dear Iris.”


Mother listened to me with a gentle expression. The moment she opened her mouth, however, her expression changed completely.


I’ve never seen her like that before. So serious that it was scary.


In the past when Bern was attacking the reputation of Duke Armenia’s family her rage had been quite ferocious too, but somehow she was even more terrifying now.


“Although our territory is far from the Towair Kingdom…you never know what might happen during times of war. If the flames of the battlefront spread to the territory, please remember to summon me.”


I was confused by her words.


When it was time to fight, I was supposed to summon my mother?


My uncle had told me about her strength, and I seem to recall Ludy making similar comments…but honestly it was still very difficult for me to imagine my mother on the battlefield.


But I couldn’t inquire further.


The sheer power emanating from my mother in that moment was enough to make me bow my head.


“Understood. I will do what you say.”


The heavy atmosphere disappeared when I nodded my head.


After that, I ordered Tanya to prepare, while I returned to my own room to calm down.


The day that I had dreaded for so long had arrived after all.


Prince Edward, Marquis Maelia, and everyone else in that party had been arrested.


No question, Dean would start constructing a new system very quickly. He already had plenty of talent at his disposal. I wouldn’t be surprised if Dean had been manipulating things from behind the scenes long before he made the arrests.


When it came to the matter of actually smoothing over national conflicts…there still wasn’t enough time. The only real relief was that the military viewed Grandfather as a leader, and that they maintained a strong line of communication.


The military was an emergency backup to defend against the worst. If they became complacent and unable to move, then we would be completely powerless.


If Prince Edward had ascended to the throne, there was no telling what might have happened afterwards.


“Milady, preparations have been made.”


With a knock on the door, Tanya entered and reported to me.


“Ah, that was fast.”


“I’ve been preparing for a long time.”


…Originally I had planned to return home once the conference ended.


Because of all that had happened, I completely forgot my own plans.


“Then let’s return as soon as possible…before that, please call everyone over.”


Tanya left immediately when she heard what I said.


I’m sure she sensed that the state of everything was far from normal.


Ryle and Dida quickly arrived before me.


“I’m just going to get to the point. The war with the Towair Kingdom has started.”


Everyone’s eyes narrowed when they heard what I said.


“I’ll be returning to the territory to handle this development…everything is happening far faster than I thought it would.”


“Do you think this will affect our territory as well?”


“Without question, yes.” I said without hesitation.


The atmosphere in the room immediately became tense.


I was happy to see how they reacted.


“Of course, I’ll pray for my father’s success with all my heart. But we shouldn’t be surprised at any outcome. Even if direct conflict doesn’t occur, it will still affect us. War will become a major source of fear and panic.”


The three of them nodded.


“Precisely because we’re under these circumstances, I’ll be standing in the front to guide everyone forward. No matter how chaotic society becomes, I must let everyone see my determination…As for now, let’s return to Duke Armenia’s territory as quickly as possible.”


Just like that, we returned to the territory.

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