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Chapter 222 Territory Conference (Part 2)


A week after that, our country announced that we were at war with the Towair Kingdom.


In the beginning our territory was affected by the chaos, but gradually everything calmed down.


I don’t know if it was the effect of our constant conferences–those conferences so worrisome that everyone’s brow filled in with a few more wrinkles–or that our policies were finally working. Or perhaps it was just that when humans couldn’t see the catastrophe firsthand, we somehow lacked a sense of urgency.


No matter what, even though it was only on the surface, our towns still looked exactly the same as they always did. That at least was reassuring.


I lifted my coffee mug.


Although at the moment I was only enjoying coffee as a luxury, there was no accounting for whether or not I’d be taking advantage of its companionship to live through yet another sleepless night.


The thoughts in my head made me smile bitterly. I opened the letter that had just been delivered from my mother.


First of all, the military.


My grandfather had officially been appointed as president general for this war. He had already arrived on the frontlines.


The letter also detailed the scale of the troops as well as plans for the future…even as a member of Duke Anderson’s family, it was still impressive that my mother could gather such news as a noblewoman.


I read the letter with gratitude. Much of it would probably be useful to me later.


After that was the situation with my family and the palace.


Bern was still continuing along the same way he had been the last time I’d seen him, working alongside Dean with breakneck momentum.


At that last meeting, the moment he’d taken the stage…


Although he was my brother, his eyes–the aura surrounding him, managed to make my hairs stand on end.


I felt such incredible determination in him.


If his determination from back then hadn’t changed, Bern must still be performing excellent work. That’s what I believed, at least.


Other than that, there was the nobles.


Although some still remained in the capital, all of the territory leaders had returned home to prepare for war.


If anyone still dared talk lightly of their territories, they’d be beheaded in a heartbeat. Things had changed greatly since Prince Edward had full control over the government.


Dean was already strict enough when it came to work. Bern would also never allow that kind of neglect to happen again.


Finally, the capital’s situation.


Although no riots broke out, there were a few commotions. The citizens were in a state of uncertainty.


Just as one of the officials said in the conference, emotions spread through a crowd easily.


A spark was enough to ignite a destructive blaze. That was group psychology.


For us, this meant we were treading on thin ice.


“If possible, I want to know more about the battlefront…but that’s probably too much to ask for.”


“If that’s what you wish, I’ll send someone to observe.”


Tanya said the words so easily that I couldn’t help but be shocked.


It was Tanya, after all…even if that’s what I wanted to say, it was also…I was grappling with another thought.


No matter what, I wanted military intel.


National secrets were difficult to obtain. I didn’t know if I would be correct in assigning someone to find out, but at least I had a duty to try.


“…Can you do this?”


“If you wish, milady. Several subordinates have already made their way into the palace through subterfuge. Even so, they haven’t managed to gain access to specific military activity. If you want to learn more details, I’ll send more people to Baron Messi and the older Earl Monroe. Because of the distance, it might take a while.”


I was shocked at the indifference with which Tanya spoke.


Of course I was always shocked at her capability. More than once I’ve thought: what goals is she trying to achieve?


But today I was more taken aback than ever.


“Well then, if you could. As soon as possible, please.”


“Yes, milady. I’ll go and take care of matters right away.”


Watching Tanya depart, I ripped up the letter in my hand and buried my head in work once more.


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