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Chapter 225 Report

Under the light of the moon, I sat down on the window sill.


It was the same scenery, but under the faint light it looked completely different from daytime, and was all the more beautiful.


…How quiet.


It was so quiet that I couldn’t even imagine that not far from here, there was a war happening between us and another country.


I looked at the potted plant near me.


When I’d just accepted the position of replacement leader, I had bought blossoming flowers while walking through the streets.


Of course the flowers were no longer the original ones I had bought.


Several springs had passed since then, the flowers leaving behind their seeds before wilting.


I buried the seeds and cultivated them. The process of flowers blooming, then wilting…how many generations had passed since the first flowers had been planted?


I stroked the delicate, beautiful petals.


Under the moonlight, these flowers didn’t care about the dark…no, the dark made them even more beautiful.


Thinking back, so much had happened…My gaze drifted toward the book resting on my knee.


That was when a knock came at the door.


“Excuse me, milady…milady?”


Tanya looked at me, confused.


“Milady, why are you sitting there?”


“Just taking a break. I’m admiring the scenery.”


Considering the possibility that Tanya’s expression would stay so odd if I kept sitting here, I stood up, placed the book on the table, and sat down in my usual seat again.


Tanya finally looked relieved.


But the next moment, seeing the book I had been holding, a glum look came over her face.


“From now on, I’d like to learn as much as possible.”


I informed Tanya with an exasperated smile.


I was reading about the Acacia Kingdom.


I had gone into the books we had in storage about other countries and was reading them to pass the time when I was free.


Although I didn’t really plan to go there before this whole mess was over…who knew what might happen.


Right now the national situation was chaotic, so I hadn’t given a final answer to the proposal.


“I see. I’ve obtained some information.”


“Please tell me.”


“Although the battle hasn’t been brought to the capital yet, the war has begun.”


So it had finally started…I couldn’t help but sigh.




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