Chapter 228 Departure

“Well then, thanks for taking it on.”

After handing everything over to Ryle, I approached the exit of the mansion.

Since receiving milady’s instructions, it only took me fifteen minutes to prepare everything for departure.

“Ah, yes. I’ll take care of milady.”

Ryle nodded enthusiastically. His reaction and words…more importantly, the fact of who he was, was enough to leave me at ease.

“I’m reassured that it’s in your hands. Then this is goodbye.”

The path forward was the door reserved for servants, a door far smaller than the official entrance.

When approaching there, I noticed someone standing near the doorway.

It was Tanya.

“What is it? Are you here to see me off?”

I said this jokingly, but she didn’t respond.

She only stared at me, like she was observing me seriously.

Sighing at her, I started to move my feet.

“I’m leaving now.”

Changing up my mood, I spoke seriously instead.

“Please wait a moment.”

When walking by her side, she stopped me.

“My subordinates have already left for the east.”

“Ah yes, I’ve heard.”

As if she were embarrassed to speak, she frowned.

“This whole thing, milady has been quite bothered…honestly I think it’s suspicious too.”

“Is that so.”

It really was quite odd.

For Tanya to speak like that without tangible proof.

But I agreed with her that it was suspicious.

Lady Iris had been acting quite oddly. Thinking more calmly about what she had said after the fact, I’d found some oddities in the situation as well.

“Do you think that it’s a sign that something is going to happen?”

“Probably. Especially because of where it’s taking place.”

“Although they’re moving separately from you, it’s best if you take this. It’s got the code words and locations that you would use to convene with my subordinates. I’ve told them about you already, and asked that they follow your orders if anything goes wrong.”

She passed a slip of paper to me.

“I’ll remember what you’ve done for me. Thank you.”

“I-I…didn’t do it for you. It’s just to meet milady’s expectations…Make sure you come home safely.”

Her words were somewhat cool, but they made me smile.

“Make sure you come home”…I could see all kinds of hidden meanings inside of what she was saying.

“For sure. I’ll try my best.”

After that, I walked out of the mansion.

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